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New Jersey 2014 Congressional Primary district 10

Donald Payne, Jr., incumbent Democratic Congressman running for re-election in New Jersey's 10th legislative district primaries.
Donald Payne, Jr., incumbent Democratic Congressman running for re-election in New Jersey's 10th legislative district primaries.Campaign Photo

Our coverage of New Jersey's primary next Tuesday, in which one Senator and all twelve members of the House of Representatives will be elected, continues with candidates for House of Representatives in Legislative District 10. For other coverage see the index here, which will be expanded as articles are added.

District 10 covers small densely-populated sections of Essex, Hudson, and Union Counties, including Jersey City and Newark.

Its incumbent, Democrat Donald Payne, Jr., was elected in 2012 to replace his father, who died that year. He faces three opponents in the primary. He is considered an average Democrat, voting with the party on most bills. His economic plan includes investing in infrastructure, education, and jobs training, creating incentives for clean energy, encouraging American production, and reforming the tax code for what is perceived as fairer distribution of the burden. Long-term debt matters to him, but short-term investment takes priority. He supports Obamacare.

Running against him is Curtis Vaughn, a Democrat who expresses a strong Christian faith and opposes much for which the traditional Democrat stands. He does not believe in global warming, opposes abortion, and wants to protect the traditional nuclear family.

Also in the race is Aaron Fraser, another Christian completing a Masters in Theological Studies from Liberty University (in addition to an MBA in Media Management). His Harlem poverty upbringing inspires him to fight for social justice and jobs and against violence in our cities. His vision is both local and national, including a blueprint for a better America which he has only published in part at this point. His policy statements are long and well-explained, but difficult to summarize.

Finally, Robert Louis Toussaint is on the ballot as a Democrat, but there is very little information available about him or his positions.

This heavily Democratic district does have one Republican on the primary ballot, Yolanda Dentley, Vice Principal of the Union Avenue Middle School in Roselle, touting the importance of working together across party lines to accomplish objectives. She is unopposed in the primary.

More coverage of the election will come.