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New items added to ‘GTA 5’ thanks to a free Independence Day title update

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V
Photo courtesy of Take-Two Interactive, used with permission

To celebrate Independence Day, Rockstar Games has released a new title update for Grand Theft Auto V that adds new American-themed content to the game including vehicles, weapons, and customization items to the game’s online multiplayer mode. The developer announced on July 1 that The Independence Day Special update is now live and will remain available until the middle of the month.

The Independence Day update for GTA Online gives fans access to several new content additions within the open-world title. For those looking for new vehicles, the latest batch of features includes a new motorcycle as well as the Liberator monster truck that is complete with a full-body American flag decal.

Players who enjoy expanding their arsenal will also find new options added to Ammunation stores around Los Santos. Like the soldiers of the American war of Independence, GTA Online fans will now also be able to wield their very own colonial style muskets. Gamers wanting to make a more flashy display of their patriotism can do so with the new firework rocket launcher.

The Independence Day Special also introduces a number of personal customization options that will give players the ability to further develop their online avatar’s sense of style. New options include American-themed shirts, an eagle mask, and even a mullet hairstyle.

The update also adds seven new properties to the game which players may use to shoot off fireworks in order to create their own pyrotechnic displays in honor of the American holiday. One of the seasonal event’s more permanent features is that it adds a new matchmaking option that allows players to continue to play in freemode while waiting for a match to be found. This gives fans something to do other than stare at the matchmaking screen.

GTA Online’s Independence Day Special is happening now and will last a couple of weeks. Rockstar Games has stated that the seasonal features of the update will disappear in mid-July.

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