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New Iron Skyreaver mount now available for purchase in the Blizzard Store

The new mount
The new mount

With black steel armor and engineered turbines, the Iron Skyreaver embodies the Iron Horde of "World of Warcraft." The new mount is now available in the Blizzard Store starting today.

Players can pick up the mount for $25. For that cost it will be available to all characters on a single account. It's important to consider, however, that items in the Blizzard Store do go on sale. Older mounts were half off during the holiday season and it's likely that, after some time, the Iron Skyreaver will go on sale too. Those looking to spend a little less may consider waiting an option.

"World of Warcraft" gamers can pick up the new mount or any number of other mounts and pets in the Blizzard Store. These items can also be purchased while playing the game through the game's store front. In fact, the Iron Skyreaver seems to only be available through the game's store front at this time.

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