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New Iron Patriot Comic book from Marvel NOW!

James Rhodey Rhondes is Tony Stark's personal pilot and friend. He is played by Don Cheadle in the Iron Man movies. Rhodey helps Iron Man defeat the Viet Cong soldiers and steals a helicopter to get them back to the American defense perimeter during the Vietnam War. There in a hospital Tony Stark comes to thank James for helping Iron Man and there offers him the job as personal pilot, which he doesn't take right away.
After teaming up with Iron Man again to defeat some battle droids, Stark tells Rhodey to keep the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit. Rhodey then takes on the name War Machine.
This March we see Rhodey take on all new challenges as Iron Patriot, in Marvel NOW! Iron Patriot #1. Now that Tony is off being a Guardian of the Galaxy, Coulson calls Rhodey in to help take down some Iron Patriot drones that have been hijacked. Later we see Rhodey wearing a new armor patterned after the Iron Patriot. We'll be seeing new villains and a deadly conspiracy inside America. The new series will be written by Ales Kot with art work by Garry Brown. Pick up the newest issue on shelves in your local comic book store this March.

Coming this March.
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