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New iPhone app helps people make better decisions

Decisions, decisions, decisions. We all have to make important decisions daily, but few actually sit down with pencil and paper to make a list of the pros and cons. Most often we just go with our gut instinct and hope for the best. But thankfully technology has come to our rescue in the form of ChoiceMap, a new iPhone app that is designed to help people make better decisions.

ChoiceMap founder, Jonathan Jackson, explains in the video above that after picking the wrong girlfriend and wrong grad school, he was facing another tough but very important decision, where to move. Struggling between three choices, family in LA, jobs in NYC and a college friend he wanted to date who lived in Seattle, he did what any innovative techie would do... he wrote an algorithm.

The algorithm chose Seattle and everything turned out so well that Jackson now believes it was the best decision he's ever made. It seemed the algorithm gave him a process that rationally weighed all the important factors he was concerned about. And so... a new app was born.

ChoiceMap, available for free in the App Store, helps you understand your priorities and options by ranking each choice as to how well it would meet your needs. The app helps you to understand your priorities and options, it takes making the decision out of its emotional context, effectively putting each choice and deciding factor on a level playing field.

So what happens when your gut feeling tells you something different than ChoiceMap? Well, it's wise to consider that your gut is not always wrong, but the gut does not make decisions rationally. Of course, even using the app, in the end you still have to decide how much each of the ranked variables really matter the most to you.

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