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New iPad Air details emerge alongside iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c deals

New iPad Air details emerge alongside iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c deals
New iPad Air details emerge alongside iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c deals
Photo by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images

New iPad Air 2 details emerge as the iPad Air 2 launch in the coming weeks approaches. The iPad Air was released last November, and Apple is usually constant regarding launches, according to an August 21 report in International Digital Times. However, the iPad Air 2 may launch as early as October.

Besides the doubling of RAM to facilitate a new split-screen multitasking, which this reporter described yesterday, the new iPad Air 2 will likely employ “Touch ID” (the fingerprint sensor system employed in the current iPhone 5s). Also to be included, if Apple adheres to past performance, is the new A8 processor and a higher-quality camera.

Much attention is focused on the new split-screen multitasking abilities of the iPad Air 2, along with the iPad mini 3 (as well as the iPhone 6). But so far no information has been forthcoming on how the new “Health” app will function on the iPad Air 2. Apple is always very consistent with software and hardware upgrades and is always striving for compatibility and integration.

As the launch date for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 grows closer, deals like yesterday's Best Buy offer that cut $75.00 off the price of an iPad Air (in addition to a $50 student discount) are going to be more common. Just like the blockbuster iPhone deals that Walmart announced yesterday, these deals are vehicles for reducing inventory of the current iPad Air and iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, to make room for the iPad Air 2 and the iPhone 6.

Walmart today is slashing the price of the iPhone 5s (the current flagship iPhone model) to just $79.00 with contract. What's more, the giant retailer is cutting the price of the iPhone 5c to just 97 cents with contract. These deals on the iPhone 5s and 5c are good for 90 days, long after the iPhone 6 launch date, according to BGR. Both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c can run the upcoming iOS 8, Apple's new operating system (although not all the iOS 8 features may be available).