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New Iowa bourbon to be unveiled July 1

Move over, Templeton Rye Whiskey -- there's a new sheriff in town. The Cedar Ridge Vineyards Winery and Distillery in Swisher, Iowa is rolling out the first bourbon whiskey made from our own Iowa corn distilled in the state since Prohibition. It's coming out July 1st just in time for Independence Day!

This 'Iowa Bourbon Whiskey' is made using a Bavarian pot still. That still also produces the vodka, gin, dark rum, apple brandy and Italian-style grappa the Cedar Ridge Distillery is famous for.

Iowa law mandates that all bourbon made or sold in the state must be made of at least 51% corn, but the new Iowa Bourbon Whiskey will be 70-75% corn content.

Cedar Ridge president and owner Jeff Quint says they've been storing and aging the bourbon for the last two years in charred oak barrels. They plan on reusing the barrels to come up with a new Scotch-style single malt whiskey, which may come out sometime next year!

I can't wait to do a taste test and compare the Iowa Bourbon Whiskey to Templeton Rye. This new stuff may be kind of hard to find right when it comes out, but this will be a great thing to bring to any party as a host's gift. You'll be the toast of the town with this stuff!


Facts and info courtesy of KCRG-TV