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New ‘Interstellar’ trailer visually stunning

New ‘Interstellar’ trailer visually stunning
New ‘Interstellar’ trailer visually stunning

Step aside Madeleine L'Engle's novel “A Wrinkle in Time”, a new wormhole in popular culture is taking over. “Interstellar”, the highly anticipated film coming out this November from the “Inception” and “Dark Knight” trilogy director Christopher Nolan is making news again. A new visually breathtaking trailer for “Interstellar” has hit the internet recently revealing more about the movie’s very tight-lipped and mysterious plot, reported on July 30, 2014.

The film’s marketing has been kept very hush-hush as of late. This strategy seems to be helping in piquing peoples’ interest. The new trailer comes on the heels of Nolan’s surprise appearance at Comic-Con last week to build anticipation for his next endeavor that is “Interstellar”. This week the excitement continues to build with the launching of the new "Interstellar" movie website along with Paramount releasing this new trailer.

This star-studded vehicle stars Matthew McConaughey, along with Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, Michael Caine and Jessica Chastain. “Interstellar” viewers follow the space crew on their journey through a wormhole on their search to find a habitable alien planet. A wormhole can be described as a theoretical passageway in space-time that could transport matter from one part of the universe to another that fundamentally would be a "shortcut" through spacetime.

As “far out” as “Interstellar’s” plot may seem, think again. According to, the screenplay is based moderately on Kip Thorne’s work, a California Institute of Technology physicist who has developed theories about wormholes.

Christopher Nolan wants to put astronauts back on the map, making them the super stars they once were deemed. At Comic-Con the Wall Street Journal reported Nolan saying, “I grew up in a time when to be an astronaut was the highest ambition of any child. I felt that had fallen off greatly over the last couple of decades. It has been a period of great technological change — very much related to what’s in your pocket and what’s in your living room.” "Interstellar" is expected to hit theaters nationwide on November 7 of this year.