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New information shows Obama ignored immigration crisis warnings for years

New information from various news agencies is proving Barack Obama’s White House basically ignored the multitude of warnings about the current illegal immigration crisis which is now affecting more than just Mexican Border States.

U.S. Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-TX) in this photo with Sir Elton John (R) at The Elton John AIDS Foundation and UNAIDS, is leading a select group of Republican law makers studying the immigration crisis on the border.
Photo by Michael Kovac
Barack Obama walks away
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

A past senior federal law enforcement official told the Washington Post last week that even Obama’s own Customs and Border Protection, not to mention the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, gave plenty of notice of the significant surge of children who would migrating to the U.S. to the White House as far back as 2012.

That was the same year Texas Governor Rick Perry sent his now famous letter to Obama warning of the advancing number of children coming in from Central America.

What Americans learn about the Barack Obama White House months after each new crisis can be quite disturbing to even the most gullible supporter of the current administration.

Breibart Texas revealed a Department of Homeland security document recently that reports most of the boys coming from Central America are between the ages of 15-17, “while the younger children and women, however, seem to be looking to rejoin husbands or relatives who are already here. “

Sticking a stake in the middle of Obama’s immigration policy desires, the report shows most of the immigrants who are flooding into the U.S. now would not be directly affected by such a reform bill. Polls reveal most undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. would not pursue citizenship if given the choice.

In August 2013, a 41-page report from the University of Texas at El Paso informed the federal government that 30 of our Border Patrol agents were washing the immigrant children’s clothes, getting them showers offsite and making sandwiches on an average of 66 children per day.

Perry is set to activate the Texas National Guard to upwards of 1,000 troops to support the state’s Department of Public Safety surge activation last month. A study of border intelligence shows the drug cartels are taking advantages of the current crisis by “smuggling more drugs, money and people into the U.S.” one Border Agent told the Examiner. “Of course Perry has to do something because this is getting far out of hand already without the Fed’s (federal government) help.”

Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas, disturbed by what she has seen in “warehouses” of children sleeping on tile floors while waiting on a slow and confused bureaucratic federal government, says she is “having a real problem with what we are doing with these children."

"These children look just dazed,” said Granger who is leading a Congressional group who are searching for solutions to help the immigrants. "Some of those kids are being moved as many as three times a day and they don't know where they are."

"We have filled up the spots in Texas and they are looking at places in Maine and Washington state - wherever they can find the space," Granger reported. We need to "work with them humanely to keep them safe.”

Last week Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn offered a reform to current immigration law called the Helping Unaccompanied Minors and Alleviating National Emergency Act which would quicken deportations and ensure safety of Central American children while in the United States.

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