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New information says LinkedIn search found Ronald McDonalds for Taco Bell ads

For those jobseekers that still have not admitted that LinkedIn is a critical part of any job search consider the most recent ad campaign by Taco Bell. In a report appearing in yesterday's Detroit Free Press several agencies specializing in locating nonprofessional actors credited the online social media site as a valuable tool. They were able to find more than 400 people named Ronald McDonald using, among other tools, LinkedIn.

A waving Ronald McDonald figurine is visible outside a McDonald's fast-food restaurant.
A waving Ronald McDonald figurine is visible outside a McDonald's fast-food restaurant.
Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

The Taco Bell commercial, produced to introduce their new breakfast menu, features men with the legal name of Ronald McDonald complimenting the breakfast items comprising Taco Bell’s morning menu. In addition to an aggressive airtime buy almost 2,000,000 people and watch a commercial online according to YouTube. See the ad by clicking here.

According to Forbes magazine, LinkedIn is having a huge impact on the job placement industry. Forbes reports that LinkedIn now provides an employer with access to 150 million professionals making it a rich resource for headhunters and recruiters.

PC Magazine says 73% of recruiters filled a position using social media in 2012, a figure that increases annually.

These statistics show that any serious job seeker needs to consider LinkedIn a prime source for securing your next position. Had not the ad agencies hunting for Ronald Donald resorted to LinkedIn the length of time to find 400 willing Ronalds but it would have taken an exceptionally longer time period.

The Taco Bell campaign has prompted one Ronald McDonald to make his own YouTube video pleading with the chain revert back to the Chihuahua mascot. Besides the teasing he has face since the ad campaign began.

You can review a Free Press comparison of the breakfast menus at McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell by clicking here.

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