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New information in Bahia Bisharat disappearance

Now 19, Bahia has been missing for a week, with no clues as to her whereabouts.  Where could she be?
Now 19, Bahia has been missing for a week, with no clues as to her whereabouts. Where could she be?

On her 19th birthday, Bahia Bisharat remained missing, having last been seen a week ago. Friends who were among the last to speak with her gave new information to police, saying she was "sick and nervous" and watching the door before she disappeared. What was she concerned about? Was someone after her? While that seems farfetched, it is possible, especially considering the teen did come to school that day, but did not attend any classes. Add that to the fact that she is missing and it certainly suggests suspicious circumstances.

Sightings have been reported all around the area of St. Peters, Missouri, but so far there has been no conformation of Bahia's whereabouts. Family members are all but certain that she was kidnapped, but authorities say there is no reason to suspect foul play. Her car was found on the college campus, unlocked, keys in the ignition, with her stuff inside and a note that said "Goodbye." Did Bahia write the note and just walk away? Her mother said: "If she went with someone, I don't care, I care about my daughter, if she's okay, just let us know she's okay and we will leave her alone."

Her birthday is not the only milestone she has missed. Her graduation from nursing school was to have been Saturday, three days after she disappeared. Her family even attended, hoping that she would arrive that day to graduate with her classmates. But she wasn't there. It seems strange that she would voluntarily leave with so many things on the horizon for her.

Did Bahia just walk away from her promising life, as police think? Did she kill herself, as has been suggested? Are her parents right and she has been kidnapped? All of these questions probably lead to very concerning answers, as no one knows where she is right now. Hopefully she is fine and will contact her family soon.

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