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New infographic from suggests smart spending attributed to wealth

According to a article here, "More Americans are making money resolutions this year." Was one of your new year's resolution to save money?

Report from 'Coupon Matter' survey

Did you know? offers deals and coupons from more than five thousand retailers. They hate coupons that don't work, so they publish when the coupon was last used, down to the minute.

New inforgraphic from suggests smart spending attributed to wealth. In a recent installation of Tada's Coupon Matter, researched fourth quarter coupon usage from the viewpoint of household income. You should know, ”they surveyed 8,498 shoppers, immediately after they checked out from 3,394 retailers.” The results of the survey suggest that, “those who claim the highest household income (150K+), were not only more inclined to use coupons, but they were also more inclined to search for them.” Neverthesless, “65% of the wealthiest who had just used a coupon on their transaction claimed that they would not have made the purchase without the coupon.” The end report of all their data generated a infographic titled, Why The Wealthiest Stay Wealthy.

Check out more fascinating stats from Tada's Coupon Matter report as listed here and below for tweeting/sharing:

  • 53% of the study's online shoppers who used a coupon with their transaction received the coupon, and then were inspired to shop.
  • 40% of those with a HHI of 150K+ use a search engine to find coupons (versus 28% of those who make less than 40K).
  • 65% of the wealthiest shoppers in the study would not have made their purchase without a coupon (versus 51% of under 40K set).
  • Of those shoppers who do not like or use coupons, the wealthiest claim a lack of time to look as the primary reason why they don't participate.
  • 84% of the 150K+ set profess to liking and using coupons, versus 75% of the under 40K crowd

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