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New indie DVDs for September 2

Usually the day after a national holiday means little out on DVD and Blu-Ray. Except, if you follow Indie movies because there are quite a few to enlighten you about on new release for the first week in September.

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"For No Good Reason"- Many may not know Ralph Steadman, but they've certainly seen his manic artwork gracing the spine of Hunter S. Thompson's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", the gatefold of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and recently on the bottles of Flying Dog Beer. Johnny Depp interviews the iconoclastic artist in this illustrated Documentary that details the gonzo lifestyle that he helped in creating with Thompson, fellow writer William S. Burroughs or the Rock musicians they knew from the magazine Rolling Stone. Available on DVD or Blu-Ray to rent or buy.

"Heli"- Mexico's entry for this year's "Best Foreign Language Film" at the Oscars, brutally realizes the drug war raging in that country. Told from the perspective of a family man who is dragged into this ruthless game played by both the cartels and the police with nowhere to hide. Black humor and beautifully barren cinematography elevates this bleak tale by Writer/Director Amat Escalante, the man behind the equally good although, virtually unknown home invasion shocker, "Los Bastardos". Available to buy only on Import DVD with English subtitles.

"Night Moves"- Writer/Director Kelly Reichardt, the woman who made the spiritual Dramas "Old Joy" and "Wendy and Lucy", delivers her latest, a simmering potboiler of a thriller. A trio of twenty-somethings plan to blow up a damn for environmental purposes. Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard play the disillusioned three perfectly with Reichardt turning up the tension slowly, building it naturally. The film's only flaw, an overextended epilogue that doesn't ring true to the compelling characters we were introduced to in the spellbinding first half. Available to rent on DVD and Blu-Ray at Family Video.

"They Came Together"- David Wain, the guy who spoofed summer camp movies quite well with "Wet Hot American Summer", returns with his newest feature, a parody of Rom-Coms with genuinely funny actors Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler. Unfortunately, this one is uneven at best with little laughs to be found. She came, he came, they both came together. Too bad; no one else will get much enjoyment out of this rather limp Comedy. Available to rent on DVD and Blu-Ray at Family Video.

"Whitewash"- Thomas Haden Church ('Sideways") carries this one man vehicle, a cruel suspense chiller, concerning how not to go mad in the wintry climes of Canada. An accident with his snow plow drives Bruce not only into the woods but, out of his mind. A bitter Noir, told in flashback and flash-forward, of how this unlucky operator came to meet his fate. Released by those fine folks from Oscilloscope Labs. Available to rent at Family Video.

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