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New indie DVDs for May 6

Summer blockbusters are already arriving at local theaters. Meaning many who might need a respite from bombastic but, empty entertainment will only have to go as far as their video store, online queue or rental kiosk for more assured films. So, read ahead to get a jump on those kind of new Indie DVDs and Blu Rays for the first week in May '14.

Now available at home
Range Life Entertainment
Now available on DVD and Blu Ray

Now Available:

"Awful Nice"- Not a Mumblecore film (more like a Stumblecore one), finds two brothers at war with each other. First, fighting at their father's funeral, then the reading of the will and then finally over their inheritance-- a rundown lake house close to Branson, MO. Neither awful or nice, this funny feature relies on physical comedy to evoke goofy (and good) laughs. Part of the 30 day rental program which signifies that it is only available to rent on DVD at Family Video stores.

"Like Father, Like Son"- In the grand tradition of great Japanese Drama comes Writer/Director Hirokazu Koreeda's newest picture, an exquisitely detailed story of two very different families who discover that their boys were switched at birth. Definitely upholds the master work of filmmakers like Yasujiro Ozu or Hiroshi Teshigahara with a modernized touch. Available to buy on Import DVD from England with english subtitles.

"Mr. Jones"- A low-budgeted PG-13 Horror flick that delivers scares despite limited resources. Another 'found footage' scenario were a couple of filmmakers set out to make a nature Documentary in a patch of isolated woods and uncover the urban legend and the horrifying sculptures that are the handi-work of someone known only as Mr. Jones. Slowly builds tension in hour one before a grim finale rips it all away with a frenetic freak-out. The creepy POV set-up, along with bold camerawork and the hauntingly artistic crosses certainly make this one to seek out. Another DVD that is part of the 30 day rental program, exclusively available at Family Video.

"The Railway Man"- Currently in theaters however, it is also available on Import DVD (months before a stateside release). Hard to fault this uncompromising Drama based on fact. Colin Firth stars as a former British Officer who was captured and subsequently tortured at a Japanese labor camp during World War II. Now older although still emotionally scared, he sets out to punish the man responsible for these actions. Nicole Kidman co-stars as the women whose love may save both of them.

"Veronica Mars"- The cult TV show becomes a movie via a highly successful (and highly publicized) Kickstarter campaign. Kristen Bell reprises her role of the intrepid teen detective, now a grown-up investigating a new case, at her old High School during her five year reunion. Strictly for fans of the 'Veronica Mars' TV series. Available everywhere on both DVD and Blu Ray.


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