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New indie DVDs for June 3

One thing renowned film critic Roger Ebert prophetically predicted is that as newspapers and magazines fall by the wayside, online film enthusiasts would become more important than ever to tell film lovers what to watch and what to watch out for. Well, this Pittsburgh Indie Movie Examiner strives to do just that by relaying the good and the bad for this week's new releases on DVD and Blu Ray.

Now available on DVD and Blu Ray
Doppelgänger Releasing
Now available on DVD and Blu Ray

Now Available:

"Black Out"- Read a full review or watch the trailer. Available to rent through Netflix or to buy on both DVD and Blu Ray editions with English subtitles.

"In the Blood" - Bodybuilder and MMA fighter Gina Carano ("Haywire") shows off her very particular set of skills, in this straight to home video film. A flabby Action film that lacks any standout fight sequences and certainly no emotional payoff. Upsides are Carano and the believability that she could literally kill any cast member at anytime and the enormous acting talents of Treat Williams, Danny Trejo, and Luis Guzman. Available to rent at Family Video on DVD and Blu Ray.

"The Motel Life" - An agonizing Drama, directed by a pair of brothers, the Polsky Bros. about two siblings living a dead end life of motel hopping and empty daydreaming. Stephen Dorff and Emile Hirsch are terrific, along with flowing monochromatic animation. However; the film's tone of desperation never lets up, proving to be a real downer. Only available to rent for the next thirty days at Family Video.

"The Pretty One"- A sweet and straight forward Comedy involving a sad girl, starlet in waiting Zoe Kazan ("Ruby Sparks"), in dual roles, who assumes the identity of her more popular and attractive identical twin after her untimely death. Jake Johnson ("Safety Not Guaranteed") and Ron Livingston ("Drinking Buddies") play the parts of suitors for the pretty one's affections. Available to rent at Family Video.

"Snowpiercer"- Korean filmmaker Joon-ho Bong ("The Host") misfires on his first English language feature, a futuristic Action film that fails to leave the station. Set on a train in perpetual motion, the outside world has be turned into an icy mess when a plan to stop global warming goes horribly wrong. This train (and the name of the picture) veers off course early with gigantic plot holes, weird characters and an ill-advised storyline of class warfare aboard the rails. Available to own on Import Blu Ray (Region A), a month before it hits theaters stateside.


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