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New indie DVDs for June 10

If you were reading a regular Movie Examiner, he or she would be telling you about the exciting new releases now on DVD & Blu-Ray, like "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" or "Non-Stop". Telling you how these are the best of the bunch. Filled with explosive action and tough guy swagger.

Now available on DVD and Blu Ray
Now available on DVD and Blu Ray

Too bad, they forgot to write about how they also contain stilted characters, formulaic stories and neutered PG-13 ratings. Well, this Pittsburgh Indie Movie Examiner wants to tell you about the "real" best of the bunch. One awesome artistic work, two amusing Comedies and two stirring Thrillers with actual plots and terrific acting. Composed to not only touch your mind but, also your heart. So, read on to find out about what to see for the best new Indie DVDs of June 10th.

Now Available:

"Alan Partridge"- Steve Coogan ("24 Hour Party People) reprises his hit BBC T.V. character, a narcissistic English talk show host who believes he's much more famous than the celebrities he interviews, into a humorous feature film. Partridge, now a washed up disc jockey in a small village, provokes a fired colleague (Colm Meaney) into taking the radio station hostage. Funny although, frivolous. Coogan steals every scene with deadpan style, wit and likability. Available on DVD and Blu-Ray to rent through Redbox or Netflix.

"Cuban Fury"- Another dose of British laughs, available to own on Import DVD while it's still in theaters nationwide, brings an underdog tale about an overweight loser, Nick Frost ("Shaun of the Dead"), who must relearn to dance Salsa to capture the heart of the woman he yearns for, Rashida Jones (NBC's The Office). Frost, usually the sidekick, certainly steps out in his first leading role and this prize-winning Comedy is rounded out by a flashy supporting cast of Chris O'Dowd ("Bridesmaids") and Ian McShane (HBO's Deadwood).

"Hide and Seek"- Ripe for an American remake comes a Korean chiller that mixes Horror with Action to form a two fisted combination. A rich man visits the poor surroundings of his brother who has gone missing. At the squalid tenements, urban legends abound about mysterious squatters who secretly take up residence in places they are not welcome. The only way to ward off these figures is to scroll talismanic symbols on the doors, buzzers and walls to keep them out. Soon after these symbols seem to follow the endowed man to his home. A creepy set-up leads to a crazed finale in this taut and twisted Thriller. Those fine folks at RAM releasing, a new Indie Movie label dedicated to Foreign Horror, Action and Suspense, debuts this overseas blockbuster and festival fave to buy on DVD with English subtitles.

"Omar"- The Israeli-occupied West Bank is cordoned off with giant walls to keep the Israelis inside. It isolates Omar, a young man longing for freedom, it holds him from the girl he loves and a crime he committed to impress her. A devastating tale made all the more meaningful with bursts of romantic Drama and then exciting political intrigue. Easy to see why it was nominated as one of the best Foreign language films at this year's Academy awards. Available on DVD and Blu-Ray to rent at Netflix.

"Visitors"- Legendary filmmaker Godfrey Reggio ("Koyaanisqatsi"), reteams with acclaimed Composer Philip Glass and Cinematographer Jon Kane, in presenting their latest opus. An experiential orchestration of monochromatic images touching on the grey shades of man and his relationship with his natural environment. Wondrous and transfixing! Look for an upcoming Q/A article with Director Reggio. Now available to rent or buy on DVD and Blu-Ray edition.


Win a free DVD of "Visitors", courtesy of Cinedigm! To enter this contest-- read, like and share this article on Facebook. One winner will be announced Tomorrow, June 11th at 6:00 p.m. on the Pittsburgh Indie Movie Examiner's Facebook page.

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