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New indie DVDs for July 29

Unseasonable weather for the next few days may ruin your plans outside. Well, if you make plans to be inside they couldn't get much better than by watching the new Indie DVDs that are available for this the last week of July.

Now available on DVD & Blu-Ray
Now available on DVD & Blu-Ray
IFC Films
Now available on DVD & Blu-Ray

Available Tuesday:

"Finding Vivian Maier"- A picturesque Documentary about a mysterious woman, a career nanny to a few privileged families, whose stash of photographs (uncovered twenty years after her death) were recently found and it turns out she may be among the best photographers of her generation. A compelling, well realized portrait of an artist is captured here through interviews and images but, Ms. Maier, the actual person (and what drove her to take such dramatic photos) remains undiscovered. Available to rent or buy on DVD.

"Long Way Down"- Four loners all pick the same night (and building to jump off of) in desperate attempts to end their lives. Obviously, with their suicides abated this newly formed group makes a pact that will keep them together whenever they begin to feel alone. Based on a best-selling book by Nick Hornby ("High Fidelity"), this lightweight Comedy deals with heavy subject matter by defusing it with wry laughs and knowing wit. An above average cast of Pierce Brosnan, Toni Colette, Imogen Poots ("Filth") and Aaron Paul doesn't hurt either. Available on Import DVD or Amazon instant video.

"The Protector 2"- Tony Jaa, Muay Thai martial artist, burst on the Indie movie scene ten years ago with a knockout Action flick, named "Ong Bak". Then he followed it up with a bigger and better budgeted feature, entitled "The Protector". Now he's back once again in what could only be called an unfortunate sequel. This time he relies on wire work and bad CGI effects instead of the pure athleticism that he introduced to many a fan in what were his fine, first films. With acrobat extraordinaire JeeJa Yanin ("Chocolate") and the Wu Tang Clan's RZA ("The Man with Iron Fists"). Available to rent or buy on DVD and Blu-Ray.

"Venus In Fur"- Roman Polanski returns to his wicked ways in this unique retelling, recalling some of his provocative earlier works, such as "Bitter Moon" or "The Death and the Maiden". Unique because is it a play or a movie? Or a play on a literary classic of empty erotica. Role reversals that switch within dominance and submission. The legendary filmmaker casts his real life wife, Emmanuelle Seigner ("Buddy Boy"), as an auditioning actress who seems perfect for the lead in a prominent director, Polanski look-alike actor Mathieu Amalric ("The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"), and his latest production. Currently showing at the Harris Theatre, it is also available to own on Import DVD with English subtitles.

"We Are The Best!"- Writer/Director Lukas Moodysson, the man behind such sullen teenage Dramas as "Show Me Love" or Lilya 4-Ever", steps out with this rousing story of a trio of young girls who form a punk band in 1980's Stockholm, Sweden. A nostalgic look, packed with honest detail and genuine charm. Coco Moodysson, the wife of the auteur, wrote the screenplay derived from her own teen years growing up which later was published in comic book form before it became a film. Available on Import DVD or to rent on VUDU.


Win the Blu-Ray set of the "Ong Bak Trilogy", courtesy of Magnet Releasing! Read, like share and comment on the Pittsburgh Indie Movie Examiner's Facebook page to enter to win. One winner will be announced there Tomorrow night at 9 pm (E.S.T.).

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