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New indie DVDs for February 18

Not much is available on DVD this week unless you own an All Region DVD player. If you do then there is a whole world of imports you can watch, some that may not even be playing in theaters yet, from the comfort of your home. So, read on to find out about what is new in Indie movies for February 18th.

Available Tuesday, Feb. 18th on DVD
All Region DVD player

Available Tuesday:

"Afternoon Delight"- Read a full review or watch the trailer here.

"Filth"- Out now on Import DVD, long before any Pittsburgh theatrical premiere, comes a raucous Crime Drama based on a novel by "Trainspotting" author Irvine Welsh. James MacAvoy stars as the lead character, a drug-addicted Cop who plays both sides of the law for his advantage. Grim, gripping and easily the best film formed from Welsh's work since that Danny Boyle directed vehicle hit these shores almost twenty years ago.

"Gloria" (2014)- Paulina Garcia, the winner of the best lead Actress award for the Berlin Film Fest 2013, will sweep you off your feet in a gutsy portrayal of a fifty-something Chilean woman whose free spirit will not be held down by any man. Candid, often sensual scenes of people getting up in age adds to an offbeat but, satisfying portrait of growing old. Now playing the Manor theatre in Squirrel Hill, Pa., it is also available to own on Import DVD.

"Hellbenders 3D"- An uneven Horror Comedy about a collection of catholic Priests, the demon-hunting members of the aptly named Hellbound Saints of Brooklyn Parish, that take vows to commit every type of sin they can possibly fathom to prepare themselves for all sorts of unholy Exorcisms. Director J.T. Petty, known for such creepie flicks as "Soft for Digging", "S & Man" and "The Burrowers", delivers the scares although, unfortunately little laughs. Featuring a good cast that includes Clifton Collins Jr., Clancy Brown and Dan Folger.

"Le Week-End"- Returning to Paris long after their honeymoon there, a British couple (Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan) hopes to rediscover the magical feelings of their early years together. There, they meet an old friend (Pittsburgh's own Jeff Goldblum) whose perspectives on love and marriage helps them recover what they thought they had lost. Bittersweet but, bountiful in its rewarding outcome. Also available to buy on Import DVD, again long before its theatrical premiere in town.


Enter a contest to win a free "Hellbenders 3D" Bu Ray, courtesy of Lionsgate Entertainment, by visiting the Pittsburgh Indie Movie Examiner's Facebook page.

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