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New indie DVDs for August 5

New releases arrive on Tuesday at video stores, online queues and outdoor kiosks. So does this list of new Indie DVDs that might be available inside those stores, ready to be mailed or picked up for the first week in August.

Now available on DVD and Blu Ray
Oscilloscope Labs
Now available on DVD

Now Available:

"12 O'Clock Boys"- From a place that's been dubbed Bulletmore, Murdaland in HBO's 'The Wire', comes a rough and tumble Documentary capturing teen and twenty-something gangs that rove around freely on dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles. Centering on one boy who longs to enter into that lifestyle. His current one in which its very hard to grow up in, even harder to escape. Mobility is one way. It gives most viewers a peek into a culture that has become overlooked, possibly even disregarded. Certainly, not a pretty picture. This film displays the ever-widening racial divides occurring here in our country. Available in outstanding packaging on DVD and Blu Ray editions from those fine folks at Oscilloscope Labs.

"The Double"- Jesse Eisenberg plays dual roles, one a meek office worker, the second an exact opposite. A physical clone although, that's where the similarities ends. The other has confidence and a cunning charm that seems to blot out the first one's very existence. An ornate Thriller. Gives off a creepy vibe however, for those that have seen its twin feature "Enemy" (and its repetitive themes) will feel a sense of seeing double. Available a month early to own on Import DVD, a stateside version debuts at the end of the month.

"Jealousy"- A theater actor seems to be playing different roles off stage between two women. One he lives with, the other he loves dearly. A serene French Drama with a laissez faire attitude about both love and life. Available on Import DVD or VOD.

"Oculus"- Read a review, see a slideshow or watch the trailer. Available to rent or buy on DVD and Blu Ray at Family Video.

"Ping Pong Summer"- A rather rose-colored look back at coming of age during the Reagan years. Still, a sweet story and an exemplary supporting cast starring Susan Sarandon, Amy Sedaris and Judah Friedlander stroll by with an underdog tale of one teen finding his way and persevering despite what seems like to him insurmountable odds. Throw in a new wave soundtrack of old MTV hits and you have one winning return. Available to rent or buy on DVD and Blu Ray.


Win "12 O'Clock Boys" on DVD, courtesy of Oscilloscope Labs. All you need to do to enter the contest is read this article, then like, share and comment on the Pittsburgh Indie Movie Examiner's Facebook Page. One winner will be selected that fulfills the requirements and an announcement will be posted there Tomorrow night (8/6) at 10 pm (e.s.t.).

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