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New indie DVDs for August 26

Even if you have time to spend this Labor Day weekend with friends and/or family, spending time with a good movie can also be nice. Well, distributors have at least taken care of that movie aspect with a load of new Indie DVDs for the last week in August.

Now available on Blu-Ray and DVD
Music Box Films
New on Blu Ray & DVD

Out Now:

"Age of Uprising"- See Mads Mikkelsen ("The Hunt") get medieval on their asses in feudal France, in a story of one man's fanatical quest for justice after his wife is struck down by a royal. Based on a 16th century tome that seems surprisingly fresh nowadays. An excellent cast of supporters enriches this period piece of historical revenge, which includes Denis Lavant ("Holy Motors"), Sergi Lopez ("Pan's Labyrinth") and Bruno Ganz ("Downfall"). Available to rent or buy on Blu-Ray and DVD from Music Box Films.

"Blood Glacier"- Presented by IFC Midnight comes this environmental creature feature about natural wild life mutated into grisly hybrids that attack a research lab in the Austrian Alps. The low-budgeted practical effects may not dazzle however, they certainly deliver chills and seem more realistic than the usual CGI effects in other weaker and better known Horror flicks. Available to rent on DVD at Family Video.

"Cinemanovels"- Above average Canadian Dramedy involving a women that has to finish a film festival centering on her recently deceased father, a fabled auteur. Grace, played satisfyingly by Lauren Lee Smith ("If I Stay"), was on the outs with her old man but, through working on his retrospective does she realize all the traits (and quirks) she inherited from her dad. Jennifer Beals ("Flashdance") and Katherine Isabelle ("American Mary") co-star. Available to rent on DVD at Family Video.

"The Dance of Reality"- a 23 year hiatus from directing by legendary filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky ("The Holy Mountain") definitely hasn't dulled his surreal view of the world with this his latest film, packed with incredible eye-pleasing imagery. An autobiography only Jodorowsky could make, mixing personal history with mythology and metaphor. Available on Blu-Ray and DVD.

"Jackpot"- Read a review, see a slideshow or watch the trailer. Available on Blu-Ray and DVD from Doppelgänger Releasing.

"Tom at the Farm"- Xavier Dolan ("Mommy"), Montreal's enfant terrible of Cinema matures with a crafty psychological Thriller revolving around a gay man, named Tom, visiting a rural farming area where his dead lover grew up. Albeit to him, his boyfriend's family doesn't know of their relationship. The family, consisting of a grief-stricken mother and a rugged, older brother who will do anything to keep secret his younger brother's lifestyle. At any cost, even harming Tom to make him stay quiet. Available only on Import DVD from England, months before any stateside release.

"Young and Beautiful"- Acclaimed French Director Francois Ozon returns to his provocative roots with a coming of age script about a school girl turned prostitute. Marine Vahct shines as the lead, fitting the title quite adequately. A bold Drama that continues Ozon's consistent and prolific career, which includes personal favorites like "Under the Sand", "Swimming Pool" and "Criminal Lovers". Available on Blu-Ray and DVD.


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