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New indie DVDs for April 29

Tuesday means new releases on home video with one recent arrival now available while still playing theaters around the country. So, read on for what to see in Indie DVD for the last week in April.

Available now on Blu Ray and DVD

Available Tuesday:

"Escape From Tomorrow"- On the final day of a family vacation at a well known Florida Amusement park, Jim White learns that he's lost his job. Soon thereafter, he also begins to lose his grasp on reality, wandering through the happiest place on Earth and becoming obsessed with two perky French girls. Surreptitiously filmed inside Disney World, this black and white movie hits the mark for surrealism but, bad acting and a lazy script ruin this guerrilla-styled endeavor. Available to rent only at local Family Video stores.

"Gloria"- Paulina Garcia, the winner of the best lead Actress award for the Berlin Film Fest 2013, will sweep you off your feet in a gutsy portrayal of a fifty-something Chilean woman whose free spirit will not be held down by any man. Candid, often sensual scenes of people getting up in age adds to an offbeat but, satisfying portrait of one person's golden years. Available on DVD through Netflix.

"Labor Day"- What begins as a short ride turns into a home invasion for divorced single mother Adele Wheeler (Kate Winslet) and her 13-year-old son, Henry, when they give a lift to a bloodied man (Josh Brolin) on a fateful Labor Day weekend. An implausible storyline wrecks an above average cast and able direction from Jason Reitman. Available on Blu Ray and DVD through Netflix.

"Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 & 2"- Lars von Trier's latest arrives on Import DVD. A daring and dizzying examination of a female sex addict (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and her lurid accounts regaled to an old man (Stellan Skarsgard) who saved her life after she was beaten unconscious. Both volumes (about 4 hours of viewing) are included in this Unrated edition. Hardcore sex scenes were performed by Porn actors with digital effects adding the real actors' heads or faces composited onto their bodies afterwards to make it look like Shia LaBouef, Stacey Martin, Jamie Bell, Willem Dafoe and Christian Slater are making uninhibited love on screen.

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