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New indie DVDs for April 15

Even though it might not feel like it, Spring has sprung. At least, new Indie DVDs are cropping up. So, read about what you can see at home with what has just been released for the third week in April.

'Mobius'- Now available on DVD and Blu Ray

Available Now:

"Better Living Through Chemistry"- A mood-enhancing Dramedy that can't cure what ails it. That being a formulaic story about a humdrum Pharmacist, played by a usually charismatic Sam Rockwell ("Moon"), who wants a taste of the high life. He seems to find it in a trophy wife, a sultry Olivia Wilde ("Drinking Buddies"), who may convince him that the only way to maintain the buzz is to murder her rich spouse. Made even worse by a silly voiceover by aging starlet Jane Fonda. A real letdown. Only available to rent on DVD & Blu Ray for the next 30 days at Family Video.

"The Invisible Woman"- A beautifully crafted 19th century costume Drama concerning Charles Dickens, a simply magnificent Ralph Fiennes, and his secretive mistress, a devilishly demure Felicity Jones ("Like Crazy"). Doubtless style is dragged down quite a bit by a languid script, though its pace quickens considerably whenever Fiennes makes an appearance. Available to rent with a Netflix membership.

"Mobius"- Soviet and American spies are like the renowned Mobius strip, double-crossing, sometimes even triple-crossing each other, often over love in this intriguing espionage tale. Oscar winning "Best Actor" Jean Dujardin ("The Artist") stars as a Russian agent trying to crack an International money laundering scheme run by gamblers in Monaco. Cecile De France co-stars as a banker with more than one hidden account. Only available to rent on DVD & Blu Ray for the next 30 days at Family Video.

"Philomena"- Based on real life comes a heartbreaking but, humorous Drama about an old Irish woman who was forced to give up her baby when she was a young unwed mother by the Catholic church. The same church that she turned to for help during her pregnancy and then later enslaved her into duty at a convent taking care of the sick. A world-weary political journalist, a wry and anti-religious Steve Coogan ("Alan Partridge"), picks up the controversial story of this woman's search for her son years after. Dame Judi Dench steals every scene in an academy award worthy performance (Dench won this year's Oscar for "Best Supporting Actress") as a simple but, humble servant of the Lord. Available everywhere on DVD & Blu Ray to rent or buy.

"Wrong Cops"- French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux ("Rubber") does it again in creating a surreal Cult hit with this arresting laughfest. Featuring an eclectic cast that includes Eric Wareheim ("The Comedy"), Marilyn Manson, Grace Zabriskie, Eric Roberts, Agnes Bruckner and Ray Wise. Just wish there was more (that is, besides all the fat half-naked guys in this film) than what made the slim cut with a running time of 75 minutes. Though, I have to wonder if he knows about how similar this movie is to the T.V. show "Reno 911" (maybe, it's not telecast in France?). Of course, if that show was done by a modern day Luis Bunuel with a Techno music fixation. Also available to stream with a Netflix membership.


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