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New Indianapolis International Airport terminal is a sight unto itself

If you haven't flown in or out of Indianapolis International Airport since the new terminal opened in 2008, your next trip will be starkly different from your previous one.

Gone are the low ceilings, cramped concourses, spartan accommodations, inconvenient access and limited (to put it nicely) food options of the old airport terminal. Instead you will now find a friendly, bright and even offbeat place to catch your next flight out.

For starters, a trip down the moving walkway from the parking garage is an adventure of its never know when the multicolored ceiling lights from the Connections fixture will trace your steps or even break into song (this writer was startled by a sudden clip from the disco hit "Le Freak" during his trip down the walkway).

Once you enter the main gate, you can't help but be struck by the terminal's impressive height and extensive public art displays. The terminal's 36 art fixtures range from soothing to bizarre in tone.

You can also find plenty to buy at the terminal's 50 shops (including restaurants) - and, since the wireless Internet access is now free -- you'll have a little more money to spend at those shops.

Although almost everybody going to the airport is on the way to somewhere else, the new terminal at the Indianapolis International Airport is definitely worth taking a few extra minutes to explore while you're on your way.