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New independent baseball league wants to change it up

New independent baseball league wants to change it up
New independent baseball league wants to change it up
Federation of American Professional Baseball (FAPB)

Independent baseball is a different animal.

Operating without a safety net and without any professional affiliate, indy baseball attempts to provide fans with an entertaining product and low affordable prices. Fans aren't surrounded by household names. The majority of the players are undrafted. It's a harsh reality, but indy ball is the last stop for the many. Very few make the jump, the dream is what keeps everyone going.

The Federation of American Professional Baseball (FAPB) is the newest start-up league looking to give Major League hopefulls another avenue to "The Show".

The FAPB is coming to you with a very refreshing idea, a concept uncommon in the baseball landscape. According to their website, the Federation will be broken up and separated into a Tier System with each league divided in three separate Tiers. Each Tier has it's own set of rules including salary cap, amount of games, roster regulations and stadium requirements.

Dan Malley, president of the FAPB, breaks down the system even further.

'Leagues are geographically organized to reduce travel expenses. For example all Tier 2 teams in the eastern area of the country will play in one league and Tier 2 teams in the western section will play in another. Each League within a Tier will have slight differences (such as date of opening day etc.) to better fit into the local economies."

At time of publication the Hamptons Professional Baseball Club (H.P.B.C) has been announced as the first official franchise.

There is still a long way to go before the scheduled 2015 start. In the meantime, we will continue to inform you on the development of this league with periodical updates in the coming months.

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