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New images and information from Planeswalker's Guide to Journey into Nyx

Ain't no party like a dark gods party.
Ain't no party like a dark gods party.

With Journey into Nyx's preview weeks imminent, it was about time we saw the Planeswalker's Guide to Journey into Nyx and the info about the momentous conclusion to Theros block's epic storyline as well as the enemy-color minor gods contained within. The latest edition of the Guide does not disappoint, bringing all of the hints and rumors of the block together as well as beginning to flesh out the final five gods.

The good stuff boils down to this: Elspeth has messed up royally by allowing Xenagos to ascend to godhood, and now even her ex-patron Heliod wants her dead. She's found her only friends in the outcast Leonin, who were convinced by one of their own from another plane - yes, Ajani - that the knightly planeswalker is in the right and wants to set everything straight on Theros. Despite Heliod's disfavor, Elspeth still has her divine weapon - her old sword reforged into a Nyx-spear called Godsend (hence the title of the block novel) - and can theoretically use it to kill gods. The one problem? The only one who knows the method is Kruphix, green and blue God of Horizons, and he's not talking without putting Elspeth through tests.

Most of the pictures in the Guide are new as well. The title banner features Erebos, Pharika, and Phenax hanging out together. If this winds up on a card, it may well be on a tutor or a black draw spell representing consulting with these dark forces.

Next up is Terese Nielsen's watercolor of Heliod gently lowering his weapon Khrusor against a brightly-lit sky to bless a follower - this is probably going on a white beneficial Aura.

Third is Eric Deschamps's rendering of the fateful reunion between Elspeth and Ajani, with the Leonin planeswalker placing a protective hand on Elspeth's shoulder in a circle of his suspicious brethren. This feels rather like a white creature tutoring spell.

Then, we see Kruphix looming over a Temple of Mystery while blue energies flow into him - it's hard to tell what kind of card this image would appear on.

After that is Elspeth's spear Godsend - probably a legendary Equipment version of the object itself.

The last five pictures are all of the enemy-color gods - Haggard and faceless Athreos, fiercely impassive Keranos, slinky and devious Pharika, blustering and triumphant Iroas, and lastly enigmatic Kruphix, who appears to hold the key to the entire storyline.

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