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New Image of Ben Affleck as Batman Hits Comic-Con

Ben Affleck is the Dark Knight
Ben Affleck is the Dark Knight

Has your Twitter and Facebook been flooded with more geekery than usual? There's a good reason for that San Diego Comic-Con officially kicked off today, and as usual studios are here showing off their latest and greatest. One of the big events taking place this weekend will of course be the Warner Bros. show, although they've been keeping mum on exactly what they'll offer. While the new Bat-suit has been spotted on the show floor, Warner Bros. has gone ahead and released this brand new image of Ben Affleck as Batman, in celebration of the character's 75th anniversary.

Confirmed by photographer Clay Enos as his photo, it's an image that should have fans eager for more. Perhaps similar photos of Henry Cavill as Superman? Or Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman? Between this and the earlier image of Bat-fleck we've seen this movie is looking more and more dour. Hopefully Zack Snyder finds a way to have some fun with it, too, as the dark tone was a complaint many had with Man of Steel. Going the grim 'n gritty route worked for Christopher Nolan but Warner Bros. may want to pay attention to what Marvel has accomplished by doing the opposite.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also stars Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane, Holly Hunter, and Laurence Fishburne. It opens May 6th 2016, when it will go up against Captain America 3 in the Marvel/DC showdown nobody was ever expecting to see. Both studios have sworn not to budge from the release date.