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New IFFF chapter coming to town

The BC Flyfishers is a newly formed IFFF chapter seeking members interested in promoting the great sport of fly fishing.
The BC Flyfishers is a newly formed IFFF chapter seeking members interested in promoting the great sport of fly fishing.

There's a new fly fishing organization in town. The IFFF chapter of BC Flyfishers is a slight twist on a local fly fishing organization first started in Binghamton in 1984. The original chapter, B.C. Fly Fishers, was an FFF chapter with a mission to promote fly fishing education - both cold and warmwater fly fishing - and conservation. The chapter was in existence until 1989. The new BC Flyfishers IFFF chapter will focus first and foremost on fly fishing. It will complement the local Al Hazzard chapter of Trout Unlimited's primary mission of cold water conservation.

The Mission of the BC Flyfishers is to:

  • Promote the sport of fly fishing.
  • Teach best methods of fly fishing, fly casting, and fly tying.
  • Uphold fly fishing values: respect for the environment, courtesy, patience, and integrity.
  • Act as a regional resource for fly fishing in the Southern Tier of NY and surrounding areas.
  • Promote resource conservation.
  • Leave a legacy of fly fishing to future generations.

The BC Flyfishers chapter of IFFF aims to educate anglers of all experience levels as well as people interested in getting into the great sport of fly fishing in the following:

  • Casting - with casting certification offered for those interested
  • Tying - including the use of best methods and materials to tie local patterns
  • Entomology - learning about insects and other forms of aquatic life
  • Fly Fishing Fundamentals - everything from what a beginner needs to get started to advanced skills
  • Streamside Ethics - how to fish while respecting the rights of other fishermen
  • Resource Conservation - catch and release practices, proper ways to fight and land a fish, protection of the environment

The chapter's first meeting, as posted previously, is scheduled for Thursday evening, April 24th. The meeting will be held at the George F Johnson Library in Endicott (downstairs). Following is a brief agenda outline:

  • 6:00 pm - informal fly tying demo. Kurt Nelson will demonstrate tying a "one feather fly" and John Trainor will tie up some steelhead patterns, known to work.
  • 7:00 pm - Kirk Klingensmith, President of the Twin Tiers, Five Rivers IFFF chapter, will talk about the mission and activities of IFFF.
  • Following Kirk, John Trainor will talk about early season steelhead fishing on the Salmon River.

As anyone who has gotten into fly fishing on their own knows, it can be a difficult sport to break into successfully. Casting and rigging, according to the Orvis Company, are known to be intimidating skills to learn for beginners. BC Flyfishers wants to help introduce fly fishing into the area in a way that will be as informative and helpful as it is fun. The chapter also wants to help improve anglers looking to advance in the sport. Please stop by and listen and learn. Founding members will be on hand to answer questions about the chapter, talk about fly fishing, and swap stories. Come and release your inner fly fisherman!


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