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New Idea: QUICK LOK FURNITURE is Crowdfudning

This new age furniture manufacture has listened over the years to all the complaints consumers have made about DIY furniture that was hard to build, that was not strong enough and which came with either missing or to many screws. This inspired Quick Lok Furniture to turn the furniture industry on its head and modernise the way furniture is assembled at home. With Quick Lok Furniture, no longer will consumers require tools to build furniture and no longer will they have to pay a professional to do it for you.

Quick Lok Furniture is currently running their Kickstarter campaign and is not currently available in stores. The company, which was established in 2013, intends to give consumers what they have always wanted, quality DIY furniture that is easy to build without missing screws or parts and without instructions that would take a university professor to understand.

The modern furniture company plan to launch a whole range of products from bookshelves, dressers, beds, as well as something that NO OTHER company does. CUSTOM furniture from the smallest piece to an entire custom kitchen cabinet set that can be shipped straight to your door. Giving consumer the largest range of furniture items on the market to choose from.
Russell Justice III, President of Quick Lok Furniture stated: “We intend to revolutionize the whole furniture industry, making DIY furniture easier to put together while at the same time providing better quality that is currently available.”

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