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New Hope for Prostate Cancer Patients to Have a Healthy Sex Life

When a man has been diagnosed with prostate cancer it can cause an enormous amount of stress and anxiety.

There is hope for sexual function after cancer

For some men the loss of sexual function can even outweigh the fear of the disease itself. For most men prostate cancer is not fatal, and many men who undergo surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer, can survive the disease, but then have to deal with the tragic sexual side effects of treatment. Many men who undergo surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer will experience sexual dysfunction following treatment with erectile dysfunction being the most common problem encountered. Erectile dysfunction, regardless of cause, can be devastating to a man and his sexual partner.

As a urologist (Marc Richman, M.D.) I specialize in sexual dysfunction, providing various options to men suffering from erectile dysfunction before and after treatment for cancer of the prostate. These options include oral drugs such as Viagra, prescription devices that can generate a mechanical erection, drugs that can be administered directly into the penis and even surgical procedures such as an inflatable penile prosthesis. These treatments, either alone or in combination, will allow most men to reach an acceptable level of sexual function, but not eliminate the possible anxiety that can accompany it, or for some men the loss of sexual confidence.

In my practice, I have found that many men with erectile dysfunction secondary to prostate cancer treatment can benefit from seeing a clinical sexologist. These professionals have knowledge and skills that urologists do not possess. They can be instrumental in treating men with erectile dysfunction and can further enhance the sexual experience for the man and couple.

Dawn Michael is one of these professionals that has enlightened me on many techniques employed in her specialty that I feel are beneficial to the entire process. Dawn is part of a team approach, helping men and couples understand how to deal with some of the anxiety surrounding the sexual side effects after surgery. As part of the recovery, Dawn will help the couple reconnect intimately with a series of home assignments….These assignments are based on the principal of Sensate Focus, learning how to slowly increase desire, arousal through touch, communication, couples techniques and sexual aids. Understanding that sexual intimacy and pleasure with oneself or a partner is not just about an erect penis…..sexual pleasure can be a whole body experience. The home assignment is tailored to each individual man’s treatment plan, depending on his particular situation.

For men that are in relationships, the plan will involve his spouse/partner as a part of the process, enhancing both of their sex lives, and the relationship itself. For men that are single a plan will be designed for him to have the confidence to go back into the single scene, with a better understanding of his abilities. One of the largest sex organs in the body is the brain. Sexual dysfunction if not organic is a result of that lack of connection that many men have with the brain and the penis. Working with a clinical sexologist can help a man understand how to gain control, along with the confidence to have a healthy sex life!

For more information visit Dawn Michael at The Happy Spouse

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