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New Hope

     New hope, new healing, or a new way of living is something that rests in each one of us. We can choose with our whole Self what we desire to experience inside ourselves and The Universe will provide us with the experience, which will show up externally to match our internal choice; this is because when we choose something with our whole Self we are using Mind, Body, and Soul to connect fully with Spirit. Spirit, the totality of all things, is what all things are created in and through. Spirit is all Mind, all Body, and all Soul meaning that it is all Thought Energy, it is all Physical Matter, and it is Every Sense of Being; God is Everything, Everyone, and Everywhere. So, when we choose something fully with Mind, Body, Soul we are using and invoking the power of All, for this reason we can trust what is to come.

     It is something to say that we are the guide and director of our new hope. Or that it is us who will choose how we are going to heal. Maybe it is a little frightening to think that we steer our new way of living. Be reassured. We are not alone. We have help. We are actually much bigger than our bodies, brains, and egos. Our Love reaches through and into all things and we are always part of that Love – never separate. The Love that we are is God itself. We are Manifested Divinity in relative space and time; here to be nothing but God’s Love, Our Love in action.

     Please look at what has been said, feel it where it chooses to be felt: We are Divinity, We are Love, We are the Manifested Vision of God. Take some time and sit with these concepts…
Is this not the beginning of new hope? Isn’t it a place for new healing? Couldn’t this be the very start of a brand new way of seeing things, of viewing others, of knowing one’s Self, and a grand and beautiful new way of living? Well? Is it?

     There is nothing stopping you.
     “Be still. Know that I AM GOD.”

Be Blessed and Know it.


  • frontstreet 5 years ago

    Bermp! Bermp!! Super Deep... I'm from a place where there's only love...Bermp Bermp!!! Where the Sun comes up; every morning. Get away, step away........Member... Aron use-too bust dat tune on de regular?!

  • frontstreet 5 years ago

    ~One Love~ Blessed Be to all of Creation

  • Daniel P. Rahayel 5 years ago

    One Love Mr. Street. :-)

  • Profile picture of kf
    kf 4 years ago

    Thought provoking and joyful.

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