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NEW holistic weight loss and conditioning program - start off right with 5 PLUS


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Most of us want to be “in-shape.” So what's your motive?

Do you want to run marathons? Ride the Tour de France with Lance? Compete in the strongest man competition? Fight in the UFC? Do you just want to look good? Maybe to get your spouse drooling again? Or do you simply want to be able to enjoy good times with your children?

To try and achieve the result we want, many of us turn to the latest exercise craze which at the moment is P90X!

It’s nearly impossible to get through a day without seeing or hearing something about P90X. They have a vast supply of paid programming and advertisements. Even with leaving the television and computer off, odds are someone is going to talk about it - and what I hear is somewhat concerning.P90X

Everyone who starts P90X complains about how hard it is! They say that they cannot get through the most of the exercises and even some of the warm-ups are grueling!

Does this mean P90X is no good? Absolutely not! It means that people aren't properly conditioned to begin the program.

P90X isn’t the only exercise program that's difficult for beginners. In fact nearly every exercise program is challenging at first!

Not anymore.

What are the most common ways you think about to lose weight and get in shape?

Probably diet and exercise.

The problem is most people think that those two are the only ways to better your health. And most of the programs available are real shocks to your system that can cause even more stress!  Very few are practical enough to become actually life altering – to where you maintain the results by actually changing your lifestyle.

So what is the solution?

The average person who needs to get fit is not in as good a shape as they can be before they begin.

So why not take time and condition your body the best you can before beginning a new exercise program?

Losing weight isn’t difficult when you have the proper understanding of your body and how you gained the weight in the first place.

To lose weight we need to understand - What is weight gain?

Weight gain is a result of a stressed out system overburdened by toxins. Your body becomes stressed out because of the lack of proper care and poor decisions it receives. Weight gain is your body’s way of trying to get you to pay attention to yourself. If you ignore it, chronic fatigue, pains and disease can and more than likely will develop and your health can be compromised.

So how do you lose the weight and get ready for an exercise routine?

Apply practical and easy solutions everyday!

Having been afflicted with chronic back pains and being 50 pounds overweight, I had to do something that would be easy and practical giving my condition.  A very good friend and wise man named James Sims once told me “If it isn’t easy, it isn’t right.” Mr. James would say this when trying to fit something back together, such as a carburetor. Before broadening my view with Holistic Life Coaching, I didn’t realize this saying had such a deep meaning. When I reflected on the words, I realized it had a much deeper and broader purpose. By applying his philosophy to holistic approaches, I developed this strategy first hand and regained control of my health and life!

This philosophy spurred a whole new evolution in weight control!

The 5 PLUS program is designed to optimize your body from the inside out in just 12 weeks! It compromises of the 5 No Matter Whats - PLUS - Acupuncture, Herbal Treatments, Chiropractics and Restful Activities.

The 5 NMWs are necessities!

1. Deep Breathing – This allows your body time to get the most out of your breath. Oxygen creates energy, which you need to function and feel good. Also, your diaphragm actually performs an internal massage, stimulating your organs to optimize their performance.

2. MOE – Mind Over Energy allows you to draw energy into your body from the Universal Energy field (UEF) to stimulate and vitalize your entire body! If done properly you should feel an electrical / magnetic sensation especially in your hands and arms.

3. M&Ms – Mindful Motions strengthen your muscles and joints and open up the energy channels to maximize your body’s operational potential!

4. QIT Dieting – (Quit Ingesting That) Eating this way doesn’t deny you what you want, but helps your body digest the food properly and more easily. By optimizing your digestive system to rid your bodies of toxins and fats, the road to losing weight and boosting your immune system will happen naturally!

5. Good Posture is essential to keep energy flowing freely. This is centralized around your central nervous system, which controls pretty much everything!


The plus will have additional cost because they entail personal care outside life’s gifts and daily necessities.

1. Chiropractics use manipulation of your spinal column to promote the central nervous system to perform optimally. Think of your car getting out of alignment – What does it do? Makes driving stressful because you have to fight to stay on the road until you have it realigned. Same holds true for your body. Your Doctor of Chiropractic will be able to determine how often you should visit.

2. Acupuncture uses the meridian channels which are the passage ways for energy or chi to flow through out your body to restore and promote good health. Blockages occur from stress. Acupuncture removes the blockages and enhances the meridian channels so that energy flows properly. Think of a traffic jam. The streets run smooth until there’s something blocking the road. Then the cars stop and people get stressed! Once the road block is removed things start flowing again and the stress is relieved! Your doctor of Acupuncture will be able to help you determine how often is most effective for you.

3. Herbal Treatments detoxify your internal organs to maximize their performance. This will help elevate energy levels and the way your body deals with incoming toxins. I recommend that you find an Herbal Pharmacy and obtain high quality herbs that have not been over processed. A good program will usually last for the first 4 weeks.

4. Restful Activities – Walking at an easy steady pace or on a stationary or recumbent bike will slowly work on your cardio and stimulate your mind! Be sure to keep yourself comfortable, but try and work up a sweat.

Why does this work?

Because you’re giving your body the attention it needs to properly combat stress. You’re making practical and easy changes to your lifestyle which will yield not just short term results, but lifelong results!

Once you begin this program and not only see but feel the results, you’ll never want to live without it!

As you progress past the 12th week, your chiropractic and acupuncture sessions will only be needed every 4-6 weeks.

We are all different so there are no specific deadlines. But if you stick to this plan in 12 weeks you will be a whole different you – and better prepared for P90X!

Remember there’s more to health than diet and exercise.

Also, If it isn’t easy, it isn’t right for you… yet!

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***It is recommended that you seek the advice of your Medical Practitioner before beginning any exercise or diet program.

© The 5 No Matter Whats, M.O.E., and the Q.I.T. Dieting Program were developed by:

J. Spicer -CHLC

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