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New hip hop releases including tracks from Jay Z, Eminem, Chris Brown and more

Cover Art
Cover Art
Busta Rhymes and Eminem

With the BET Awards and summertime, the outburst of new hip hop music is ecstatic. Let's start with the release from two hip hop legends Busta Rymes and Eminem. Yesterday, the two released a song titled "Calm Down." The song is produced by Scoop Deville who constructs a beat around the famous House Of Pain song "Jump Around." The song consists of two long verses from the two rappers and lacks a hook or a chorus. The two artists are most famous for their distinguished flows and they both clearly demonstrate why in this song. Listen to the song here.

Then, last night, King HOV, or Jay Z, released a new song with newly Roc Nation signee Young Jeezy. Young Jeezy joined Roc Nation back in November and this song may a precursor to what is to be expected from the experienced rapper. In Jay Z's verse, he gives a lot of insight on his younger days being a drug dealer. The song is a hit, check it out here.

On Sunday night, during the BET Awards, Chris Brown debuted a song online with Rick Ross and Usher. The song is titled "New Flame" and is the first single from his upcoming project titled 'X.' Does Chris Brown really have a new flame? Check out the song here.

Famous NYC rapper Cam'ron dropped a new project last night and today. Yesterday he premiered a song titled, "Talk About It," off his new EP '1st Of The Month,' which was supposed to be released last night at midnight but instead is not available today. Also today, Cam'ron premiered the first episode of a film to accompany his EP. The film is also titled '1st Of The Month' and features appearances from his girl JuJu and Cousin Bang and Baby D. Check out Cam'ron's new song here.

Lastly, just today, G-Unit released ANOTHER new song to the famous Future song "Move That Dope." G-Unit has been giving their fans so much new music to listen to and there are close to no disappointments. Check out the song here and let's hope there is more to come.

Other recent releases from this week include:

Yelawolf: Song titled "Honey Brown"

Bodega Bamz and The Martinez Brothers: Album titled 'Sunday Service'

Young Thug featuring Freddie Gibbs and A$AP Ferg: Song titled "Old English"

Ab-Soul: New album titled 'These Days'

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