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New Hello Kitty Wines now available for cat lovers and wine lovers

hello kitty wine wallpaper showing all 4 wines
Get this wallpaper on the Hello Kitty Wine website.

Hello Kitty is now 35 years old and ready to grace some more mature products with her image and marketing power. Innovation Spirits has announced that it will be marketing four Hello Kitty wines in the U.S.

All four varieties are produced and bottled in Italy. The grapes are grown in the Lombardy region and the new wines come from wine maker Dino Torti. All but one of the wines come in 750 ml bottles, while one is in a 375 ml bottle.

What we in the U.S. call a pinot noir grape or wine, the Italians refer to as pinot nero. The three larger wines are all made from 100% pinot nero grapes.

The 2006 Hello Kitty Devil Red Pinot Nero comes from the Borgogna Vineyard. Innovation describes the wine as "cardinal red with orange reflections, nose is silkish, important, ehtereal: important taste with noble recollections of wood." Innovation Spirits CEO Drew Hibbert explains that it is a classically rendered pinot noir. The pink label features a  black Hello Kitty complete with horn and tails, but also with the telltale bow and a pink heart.

The Hello Kitty Angel White Pinot Nero label, as one might expect, features a white Hello Kitty with angel wings along with her bow and heart. The 2008 white wine is made from free run juice. According to Innovations, "while tasting, you can appreciate the long lasting back taste and the nice body given to the wine by the grape structure."

hello kitty brut rose wallpaperNext up is the Hello Kitty Sparkling Brut Rosé. Each bottle includes a souvenir Hello Kitty pink pendant. It is characterized as having a "light pink color, perlage fine and persistent, sweet flower scent and light spice, harmonious taste thanks to the very balanced natural sparkling with the structure."

Finally, the Hello Kitty Sparkling "Sweet Pink" comes in a half-size bottle and features a more traditional Hello Kitty on the label. According to Innovations it is a "fine Sparkling Rose wine with delicate pink color, perlage fine and persistent, elegant aroma of flowers, smooth with a hint of almond." In contrast to the pure pinot noir formulas of the other Hello Kitty wines, the grape varieties for this product are described only as a "grapes blend with aromatic grapes."

Wine  connoisseurs will want to know that the new Hello Kitty wines are all DOC certified. Lay people just need to know that they are produced in specific regions, following specific rules of production, and are of very high quality.

In response to concerns about selling alcoholic beverages featuring a cartoon character that appeals to children, Hibbert told LA Weekly that, "with over 60,000 Hello Kitty SKU's in the marketplace and at 35 years old now, she is definitely ready for more adult skewed products. I don't think that the $15,000 dollar Hello Kitty handbags are aimed at children either."

Full tasting and technical notes for all four new wines are available at Retail prices range from $19.99 to $29.99 per bottle. The products are not yet available for sale online, but should be some time in April. Southern Californians can find the wines at Hi Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa.

Hello Kitty wine aficionados can also download themed wallpapers for their phone or computer desktop on the site.

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  • Erin De Santiago-International Travel Examiner 5 years ago

    I had seen something about this before I moved out of the US - rather cool it is happening. Personally, I don't think anyone should worry about the cartoon image and children - Hello Kitty here in Asia is obviously immensely popular and more so with adults, not children. Here in Taiwan, there is a maternity ward at a local hospital, a dedicated area in the airport lounge, and restaurants. Of course, every type of merchandise you can imagine too, some of it is very classy and expensive (much like some Tokyo Disney collectibles).

    Will definitely have to check out these wines when I'm back in the US on my next trip home! I have to believe at some point they will be here in Taiwan too - hopefully!!

  • hellokittylimited 5 years ago

    There is even a VIP Club for winers. :D

  • Helena - Pet News 5 years ago

    OMG, I love it!!!!!

  • jorgekafkazar 5 years ago

    Happy belated April Fools' Day!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Marketing to children??? Really???

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