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New Haven restaurants: York Street Noodle House

The Combination Noodle Soup
The Combination Noodle Soup
The Combination Noodle Soup.

Check out the York Street Noodle House when you are in New Haven craving great noodles.

This is a no frills eatery.  Upon entering, you immediately notice the small dining area in the front and the kitchen in the back.  I sat in the room downstairs that resembled a college dorm basement. Plain painted walls and cheap tables.  

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But don't let any of that description deter you from a wonderful bowl of noodles!

I received a generous portion of the Combination Noodle Soup.  It was brimming with meat, chicken, shrimp, scallop, and octopus, along with a healthy dose of broth, flat noodles, scallions, and tofu.  This simmering delight arrived at my table with a three-way carousel of spicy condiments: crushed red pepper, Spiracha Hot Sauce, and my favorite, ground chilies in oil: the chef's specialty.  

These spices are not for the faint of heart.  I used the ground chilies sparingly and brought just enough heat to my dish.  While the soup really didn't need seasoning, the added kick warmed it pleasantly.  The perfect combination to remove the wintry chill.  

If you like Bubble Tea, they have it.  It is pleasantly sweet, with the tea coming through the colorful flavors of mango, strawberry, etc, and the tapioca at the bottom just finishes the drink with a hint of texture.  

The service was quick and pleasant, and the prices not hard on the wallet.  Overall this is a bare bones yet delicious noodle house I would visit again and again.

Find it: 166 York St, New Haven  




  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Love noodles here especially Udon noodle. Don't forget to try bubble is so delicious.

    The price is very very cheap but the food was so good!!!

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