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New Hampshire Obamacare enrollments are pathetic

New Hampshire doesn't want Obamacare
New Hampshire doesn't want Obamacare

The Josiah Bartlett Institute published some facts about Obamacare enrollment in New Hampshire on Thursday and it isn’t looking so good. The majority of people who actually signed up for plans are in the 45-64 year old range, not quite what Obamacare needs to succeed. The young, healthy crowd made up only 26% of the actual sign-ups (Note: Signing up does not mean the people paid for their plans or enrolled). Only 11, 446 are actually ‘covered’ and of that number 72% are receiving subsidies (aka taxpayer dollars).

As has been stated over and over again by many in Obama’s administration, they need a lot of young and healthy people to sign up and pay high premiums so they can support the older, sicker crowd who will sign up. Clearly that’s not working out in the Granite State. The numbers in the report don’t talk about how many are eligible to receive Medicaid. It was already known before Obamacare was mandated that many who were eligible for Medicaid (the worst health care program in the country) had never signed up for it.

According to Kaiser, if not enough young people enroll in the program, those who do enroll in Obamacare will see increased premiums over the next year. There doesn’t seem to be anything affordable about the ‘Affordable Care Act’ that both Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Representative Carol Shea-Porter voted for. This was clearly known before they voted for Obamacare but it didn’t seem to matter to either woman.

Add the insane Medicaid Expansion to the mix and New Hampshire is sure to go bankrupt. Neither Obamacare nor its Medicaid Expansion program is truly helping people. They are forcing people into health insurance plans they cannot afford or health care programs that are proven to provide horrible health outcomes. It seems that Granite Staters are realizing the reality of Obamacare and not bothering to enroll. The numbers are pathetic and prove that people aren’t happy with their limited choices.