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New Hampshire candidate shows true independence

New Hampshire candidate shows true independence
New Hampshire candidate shows true independence

This weekend we celebrate our independence as a country, as we have done since declaring our independence from the King on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. While we once had a Tea Party to protest the taxes and regulations from that same King, we find ourselves tolerating way too large a government in Washington D.C. that is taxing and regulating us into poverty to the degree that the Middle Class hardly exists anymore. In New Hampshire, one candidate for Congress is declaring represent the interests of the people for a change, over the power among the ruling class in the District of Columbia. This is real independence we can respect and celebrate this weekend.

That candidate is four-term New Hampshire State Representative Marilinda Garcia, who is seeking the Republican nomination for run for Congress this year in the second district of New Hampshire. Garcia believes in free markets, individual liberty, and a small government in Washington D.C. that works for the American people, that upholds the Constitution and defends the security of our country. For daring to be an independent-minded voice for liberty and limited government, Garcia is attacked by the far left for not toeing the line and supporting the politically correct views of the so-called progressive left.

Garcia today issued an eloquent statement asserting independence, stating, “It is time that Ann Kuster and her Liberal allies stop saying that women have to act or think a certain way in order to be women. We have a right to independent thought and freedom of association. Women can stand up for what we believe in while debating public policy and making choices for ourselves. We can lead organizations, run businesses, serve our country, or stay home with our children—all things which we should be applauded for, not insulted.”

Garcia noted how the Democrats are relying on the typical divisive politics based on race and ethnicity and the other factors on which the left divides people. As Dr. Ben Carson and other have found out about the political correctness of the left, if one is a member of one or more minority groups form which Democrats believe they are entitled to get all their votes, any member of those groups who dares to think for themselves and stray from toeing the progressive line of the left is attacked, demonized and call hate-filled and ugly names by activists on the left. Being a Hispanic woman who is also Republican has lead to those kind of attacks from the left that assumes and believes Hispanic and women can only be progressive.

“Clearly, New Hampshire Democrats are fumbling in their attempts to employ their usual tactics of character assassination and obfuscation. Instead of using their tired old playbook, the Democrats should try persuading voters by voicing their opinions and ideas. That's what I will do, and it is how I intend to win this race,” Garcia added in her statement today.

Garcia, as a member of the millennial generation, is a member of a new rising class of principled Republicans who will go to Washington D.C. and represent the people and give voice to all who support freedom, limited government, and free markets. Her campaign web site describes her as, “Marilinda Garcia, State Representative and candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's Second Congressional District, is a new generation conservative committed to reducing the size, scope and cost of the federal government by putting power and decision-making into the hands of New Hampshire and her citizens. She is committed to reform and American economic renewal through an agenda that includes ending deficit spending, reining in job-killing regulation, lowering and flattening tax rates, and replacing Obamacare with bottom-up, consumer-driven solutions.”

Candidates like Garcia give us real hope for bringing America into a future where prosperity and free markets and individual liberty and Constitutionally limited government are the priorities that will once again lead us to American Exceptionalism. Garcia is one of the Republican leaders of the future that clearly understands, as Ryan Houck of Free Market America stated in his brilliant video “If I wanted America to Fail,” that “...the free market is the only force in human history to uplift the poor, establish the middle class and create lasting prosperity.”

Please visit her campaign web site and find out more about one of our future political leaders. An American future will be based on new leaders representing Americans and supporting the ideas that work rather than tired old politicians who give us big government, out-of-control budget deficits, bankrupting national debt and a future of decline and malaise and then tell us all of this is the “new norm' and that we'll never see prosperity and liberty again. Our future should be one of prosperity and freedom, and not defeat and decline. Marilinda Garcia represent an optimistic future of American Exceptionalism, not the tired and morally and economically bankrupt failed ideas of the extreme progressive left that currently runs the Regime in Washington D.C. now.

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