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New 'Halo 5' multiplayer modes, balancing and returning features hinted

'Halo 4' multiplayer
'Halo 4' multiplayer
Photo courtesy of Microsoft Studios, used with permission

The tentatively-titled "Halo 5" may feature new multiplayer modes. According to a report from Dual Shockers on April 30, Microsoft is currently looking for another new member to join 343 Industries, the development team behind the next installment of the "Halo" series. The new senior multiplayer designer is expected to worked on the competitive multiplayer elements of the first-person shooter.

The individual is tasked with balancing some of the existing experiences, hinting that some of the features from previous games such as "Halo 4" on the Xbox 360 will be coming back in "Halo 5." Furthermore, he or she has to come up with and implement new multiplayer modes for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive title. The employee is going to work across various groups from within 343 Industries to accomplish the tasks. You can find a part of the senior multiplayer designer job description from the Microsoft Careers listing below:

We are looking for an experienced designer to support and develop the Halo competitive multiplayer experience. Responsibilities include balancing and tuning existing competitive experiences, creating, developing, and delivering all new Halo MP game modes. As a member of the competitive multiplayer design team, you will help shape the future of the Halo franchise. Candidates should understand how to work effortlessly across the studio with various design, and development teams to make sure 343 Industries aligns to deliver on a quality AAA user experience. This is your chance to join one of the most talented teams in the industry!

Although the development team has not yet confirmed any details in regards to the multiplayer modes, a representative did confirm at E3 2014 that the upcoming title should be using dedicated servers. During the same event, a computer-generated trailer was shown featuring Master Chief. After wondering around the desert, he will eventually encounter a large machine. The video game is targeting 60 frames per second, which should please competitive players.

Microsoft Studios will be holding a press conference next month at E3 2014. Phil Spencer recently confirmed that new details regarding the "Halo" brand will be disclosed at the event. Along with "Halo 5," the publisher is most likely going to announce "Halo 2 Anniversary." The remastered port is rumored to be coming out later this fall with a multiplayer beta invite for the fifth numbered installment.

"Halo 5" is expected to come out for the Xbox One sometime in 2015 based on a previous comment made by the voice actor of Master Chief. The sequel is the second of three planned titles in the new "Reclaimer Trilogy" for the franchise. You can find a screen featuring the prequel, "Halo 4," from the official Twitter page of the series with the photo embedded to the top of this article. You can also pre-order the FPS from Amazon in the next link: “Halo 5.”

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