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New half marathon record will pay $100,000

World record half marathon 1:05:50
World record half marathon 1:05:50

Last Friday Mary Keitany smashed the half-marathon record (1:05:50) and was awarded an extra $50,000 on top of the $25,000 for winning at the Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon in the United Arab Emirates. Now, for an extra incentive, the US Road Sports & Entertainment Group (USRS) has announced they will be offering $100,000 bonus to anyone who can break the current record for the popular 13.1 mile distance.

Currently, in the mens division Zersenay Tadese holds the world record (58:23) and Ryan Hall holds the US record (59:43).
For the women, Mary Keitany's recent victory gave her the world title and the women’s US record belongs to Deena Kastor (1:07:34). The $100,000 dollar prize will go to one who breaks the world record. $50,000 will be awarded to anyone breaking the US record time for the half marathon.

The record breaker must get the time at one of the US 13.1 Marathon series races that are conducted throughout the country in order to be elgible. Beginning April 2nd in New York, the series will continue through Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Dallas and finally Ft. Lauderdale. "I challenge every runner in the world to break the World Half Marathon Record at one of US Road Sports’ 13.1® Marathon Series races. There is nothing I would enjoy more than handing a $100,000 check to an athlete at one of our races," says CEO of USRS Greg Laird to Runner's World, "Bring on the competition.”

Kim Smith of New Zealand recently may have set a All-comers record in the New Orleans RnR Half Marathon, 1:07:36, just two seconds shy of the US record.


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