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New 'Guardians of the Galaxy' trailer reveals Star-Lord's ship the Milano

According to Latino-Review on Friday, a well descriptive take on James Gunn's second full "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie trailer was revealed for the first time. Though the actual trailer isn't out, a lengthy play-by-play of the film's promotion was made available for reading.

Chris Pratt is Star-Lord in James Gunn's 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios, used with permission

For those who may recall, a previous tease with Peter Jason Quill encountering Korath the Pursuer. This second installment starts off as such, but then leads into a scene where Star-Lord's ship the Milano. It is heading for a desolate planet then it cuts to a scene where the entire team of "Guardians" are making their in what looks to be a space bar/pub.

There's a voice over describing each character briefly as they take on some kind of action sequence. Iconic scenes include Rocket Raccoon holding an oversized gun with his compadre Groot, Gamora in a yellow prison suit kicking someone with both feet and landing in a Natasha Romanoff-like stance, and Star-Lord firing double pistols at the camera.

Also, Ronan the Accuser is making some kind of remark that how can "the fate of 12 billion people, is in the hands of these thugs?” There is also quick scene of Ronan leading off an attack against a planet, too. There are also shots of this mysterious orb seen in previous trailers and fans may wonder if this may even one of the three Infinity Stones that are being collected to attached to the Infinity Gauntlet.

Glen Close, who is the leader of the Nova Corp, Irani Rael, is seen in her ship over a lush planet that could be the home to the Nova Corps. One could only speculate as these shots quickly move through the trailer. Close is also seen looking irate in Nova Corps session of sorts and Norman Greenbaum’s "Spirit In the Sky" song is playing in the background as it hooks into Blue Swede's pace of "Hooked on a Feeling".

Notably, there are scenes where Groot is expressing, "I'm Groot!" and conveying great emotion in his face. The Bradley Cooper dialogue partaking the "tough guy" mode in the scenes for Rocket Raccoon "adjusting" himself in his yellow jumpsuit, exclaiming, "I'm just getting started", and John C Reilly once again saying, "They call themselves 'The Guardians of the Galaxy'". Right after, Reilly is seen stating, "This might not be the best idea".

As usual with previous trailers, they end it with "Hooked on a Feeling" and then as short quip of Rocket Raccoon with a war cry of sorts as he faces Ronan the Accuser in a ship-to-ship battle.

James Gunn's "Guardians of the Galaxy" opens in theaters on Aug. 1.

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