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New Guardians of the Galaxy figures will send you into orbit

One of the biggest stories of the year so far has been the much anticipated live-action release of The Guardians of the Galaxy movie from Marvel Studios. Because of the hype and the fact that we are very much a microwave society, Marvel decided that we shouldn't have to wait for the action figures. At the recent New York Toy Fair, Marvel unveiled a plethora of figures based on the upcoming movie. The ones that I am going to focus on in this article will be the 6" figures being released under the title of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Legends Infinite Series. There will be seven figures in this line which will include Star Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Cosmic Armor Iron Man, and Nova. Each figure will come with multiple points of articulation, very detailed sculpting, and each one will have a piece for you to build your own Groot figure. These figures will sell for $19.99 each and will be available in July of this year. This line is just one of many offerings from Marvel regarding their new movie coming in August. If the list of characters above is confusing because you have already watched the trailer, that is because Cosmic Armor Iron Man and Nova are from the recent comic book story arc. They will, unfortunately, not be featured in the movie. Keep a look out at your favorite toy store and grabbed these figures as soon as they are put on the shelves or you may miss out. And remember, as always, they are not dolls.......THEY ARE ACTION FIGURES!!!!

Peter Quill (Star Lord)(Chris Pratt) from the new Guardians of the Galaxy toy line based on the upcoming movie.
Photo courtesy of Toy News International
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