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New 'GTA Online' holiday DLC cars, properties and weapons detailed for 'GTA 5'

'GTA 5'
'GTA 5'
Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games, used with permission

"GTA Online" has been updated again with a new set of DLC for "GTA 5" on the PS3 and Xbox 360. According to a report from Kotaku on July 4, the fifth "Grand Theft Auto" video game got a new patch that is based on Independence Day celebration in the United States. Just like the previous expansions, Rockstar Games decided to take a lighthearted approach to incorporating the holiday-themed in-game items.

Players will be able to ride a new motorcycle called the Sovereign. Those who prefer four wheels can try out the Liberator, a new monster truck car. Along with the new transportation methods, the Firework Rocket Launcher and Musket have been added to the Ammu-Nation in-game retailer.

According to the Rockstar Newswire, new properties are now available in "GTA Online" as well. Rockstar Games added seven new locations through the Dynasty 8 real estate lineup, including the in Paleto Bay and Vinewood Hills. Both areas give plenty of room for players to set off up to 12 different types of fireworks. The development team also made the Ferris Whale and Leviathan Roller Coaster available to ride at the Pleasure Pier.

Finally, a new set of clothing options can be purchased in the Independence Day DLC pack. The options include a special t-shirt that proudly mentions that it was made in the United States of America. Players can also customize their characters with a mullet head accessory along with the eagle mask. You can find a screen showing off the latest DLC update near the top of this article (via the Rockstar Games Twitter page).

The Independence Day expansion is only available for a limited amount of time. However, the items that were purchased should remain permanently in the player's inventory. It is unclear if the objects could be transferred to the upcoming ports of the video game, however. Rockstar Games previously announced that the PS3 and Xbox 360 multiplayer character could be imported to "GTA 5" on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The company did not clarify if the special one-timed DLC would be transferable as well.