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New Green Lantern of Earth revealed!

So you know Green Lantern right? Yeah the super heroes in the Dc universe that wear that green ring that helps them make solid objects. Yep that Green Lantern. The first Green Lantern was written by Bill Finger for All-American Comics #16 in July of 1940, his name was Alan Scott. In 1959 Hal Jordan become Earth's Green Lantern and the founding member of the Justice League of America.
Fast forward to the present day, 2014 a new Green Lantern of Earth is being revealed. And for the first time in history, the Green Lantern will be a woman! After the events of Forever Evil, Power Ring's ring flies away saying it is going to go look for a new host in "this pathetic world." The rings flies to Jessica Cruz. Jessica Cruz was created by Geoff Johns. There are hints that Jessica might be a villain. Geoff Johns has said,
"The ring itself, it’s not all about willpower, it’s not channeling anything good. When you charge it, bad things happen. It charges in a very horrible way. All of that is going to befall a young woman we are going to introduce in the DC Universe who is going to be “chosen as the new lucky owner” of this ring."
Are you looking forward to a new Green Lantern of Earth? What are your opinions of a female Green Lantern? Tell me below.

Jessica Cruz
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