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New green invention in Central Ohio

Photo:  Whiz News
Photo: Whiz News
Whiz News

A new green invention is receiving publicity throughout Muskingum County, and it may result in local production jobs, according to Whiz News.  The Paddle Fan Adapter was invented by Tony Anchors.  It is an adapter for a ceiling fan that can save on energy costs by up to 35 percent.  

Since warm air rises, energy and money is wasted by a typical ceiling fan.  The Paddle Fan Adapter  pushes and cubes the air down and evenly distributes air, making it more efficient.  According to the Paddle Fan Adapter website, "today's ceiling fan is exactly like the very first fans developed over a century ago. The rotating pitched blades act like a propeller, gathering air along the leading edge and pushing the air to the trailing edge. And while this process does move air, it is not done efficiently. As has always been the case, a conventional fan creates turbulence, moving air in swirling eddies both horizontally as well as vertically.  The PADDLE FAN ADAPTER is not simply to move the air from the ceiling to the floor, but also to create a convective flow of air throughout the room."   

According to their website, it can increase comfort for both heating and cooling.  It has an easy installation and no moving parts.  An 8 to 10 percent savings in warm weather and 15 to 30 percent in cold weather has been shown in testing.  The adapter is in production and can be currently ordered through their website.  

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  • Kyla Matton - Mtl Parenting & Ed Examiner 5 years ago

    Great information, Heather. Thanks!

  • Y.L. Wilkenfeldt - Bend Green Living Examiner 5 years ago

    Good info, Heather, thanks!

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