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New GPS tracking devices

April was Autism Awareness month. The incidence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has increased to 1 in 68 children thus the need for raising autism awareness. Here are two tracking devices that have marketed themselves at least partially in that niche.

hereO enables parents to know the whereabouts of their children at any moment directly on their mobile via the hereO app.

One of the founders of Cloudhawk USA, Eric Tam, wanted a GPS tracker for his autistic child who used to run away often. The CloudHawk designed by DB Jay Ltd. in Canada and in use overseas has customized the USA version with the exclusive temperature monitor and user-friendly apps. It is a pocket GPS tracker that can also monitor the temperature around people and objects. With the biggest GPS antenna and rechargeable battery in a pocket form, it is ideal for tracking people, assets, small-fleets, and personal vehicles. The small but tough case is rubberized and fits into any pocket, backpack, glove compartment, and even a teddy bear. It weighs just 2.4 ounces and is smaller than a pack of cigarettes.

The retail price for each tracker is $150, with discounted consumer price as low as $75. Introductory packages that includes the tracker and 6 months of data and tracking services for $150 (half off) is available until May 17, 2014 on its Indiegogo campaign

The second tracker is a watch. The hereO GPS watch is the world's smallest real-time GPS tracking device designed for children three years and up. Working in sync with the hereO family location app, the watch functions as a tracker, enabling parents to know their children's whereabouts directly on their mobile phones.

Features of the hereO watch:

  • World's smallest kids GPS watch, designed for children ages three and up.
  • Enables parents to create safe zones around specific areas such as home, school or work and will notify them when a child arrives or leaves the designated "safe" place.
  • Comes with a built-in panic alert and tamper proof motion sensor technology.
  • Battery life lasts up to 24-72 hours between charges.
  • Comes with a built-in SIM-card that works in more than 140 countries without roaming fees, making it the perfect travel companion.
  • Available in 4 kid-approved colors: Pink Sunshine, Turquoise Delight, Red Blaze and Blue Panther.

Features of the hereO Family Location App:

  • Family members using the app can share their locations with each other, check-in, send instant messages and view historical locations.
  • Safe zones can be set for any family member who is using the hereO Family App.
  • Comes with a panic button that when triggered, an alert is sent immediately to all family members with the exact location.
  • Will be available for FREE for iPhone and Android (Windows phones coming soon).


  • The hereO GPS watch is now on sale for preorder on Indiegogo, starting at $99 on for early bird, with a 6-month subscription included and $4.95 per month thereafter.
  • Retail MSRP will be at $149 for the hereO watch, with a 3-month subscription included and $4.95 subscription per month thereafter.

The hereO watch with the optional locking mechanism is priced as a $10 add-on reward on Indiegogo.

For more information on hereO, visit the website.

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