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New Google-based microchip brings your pet home faster

This replaceable metal tag attaches to your pet's collar so anyone who finds your pet can send you a message immediately.
This replaceable metal tag attaches to your pet's collar so anyone who finds your pet can send you a message immediately.
Joy Austin

For years, many rescues, shelters and veterinarians have encouraged the implementation of microchips to help identify lost pets and notify their owners. However, this does not always work as planned. The finder of your pet must take the pet to a veterinarian or shelter to check for a microchip. There are many different microchip companies and not all of them can be read by every microchip scanner. A revolutionary new microchip is now being offered by Save This Life which does not even require your pet to be scanned.

While the universal chip can be scanned at the vet, more importantly the chip comes with a replaceable metal tag for your pet's collar inscribed with the words "Google this number to find my family". Simply type the microchip number into a Google search box and the Save This Life website pulls up where you can send a confidential message to the pet's owner and a contact email or phone number. The owner receives both a text message and an email with the finder's contact information and a map of the pet's current location using GPS technology.

The leaders of Save This Life are experienced animal rescuers who grew frustrated with the ineffectiveness of previous animal recovery programs. Microchips have been viewed as a luxury item in the past, so Save This Life works hard to keep the price affordable for all pet owners. Many microchip companies charge both an initial registration fee and annual fees to maintain your microchip registration. With Save This Life, there are no hidden fees, simply a one-time lifetime registration fee.

If your pet already has a microchip with a different company, for $19.99 plus shipping and handling, Save This Life will convert your current microchip to their locator system and website. The metal tag can be replaced if your pet loses the tag. In addition to the metal tag and internal microchip, Save This Life also offers up to $1,000 in lost pet insurance. If your pet has been injured while running loose, this insurance can be used to treat your pet for any injuries or accidents that occurred while lost. Save This Life also allows you to send out free lost pet flyers and alerts through their website.

In the Nashville area, Avenue Animal Hospital in Mt. Juliet, TN, offers a Save This Life microchip for a one-time registration fee of only $28. The owner receives the metal collar tag, several stickers with the microchip number and instructions. Avenue Animal Hospital is located at 1725 North Mt Juliet Rd, Mt Juliet, TN 37122 and their phone number is (615) 553-4855.