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New Glory Craft Brewery opens in Sacramento

New Glory Craft Brewery grand opening day
New Glory Craft Brewery grand opening day
David Teckam

Just a couple weeks before Beer Week started, New Glory had their soft opening. Friday was the grand opening, and they packed the people in. Food trucks will do the typical food supplying, and Beer Week also means some special brews on tap. The Black Saison is a mix of their Porter and Saison, which individually are very good beers. The Porter was moderately robust, so not that bitter, but not thin in flavors. A mild chocolate character, and easy drinkability. The Saison is not nearly as dry as the typical Saisons, but pleasantly bitter and slightly spicy. Owner Julien Lux was working the bar with his staff busily. What was impressive is that in such a short amount of time, based on the opening date, New Glory has their beers in line regarding quality. Their bourbon-barrel beer was pleasantly woody, while not being too heavy in body and flavors, despite a 9% abv. This was sampled on the cask, which meant the beer was close to 55F or so, and very low in carbonation. This was a nice sipping beer, and just available in a 10-ounce pour.

New Glory Craft Brewery
David Teckam

The California Common was in line with the classic Steam style of Anchor Steam, but a bit more malty. Maltier beers seems to be the idea with the lineup and recipes. Even the IPA was showing some malt, but this might disappoint those who like their hop bombs. The Rye Ale just was spicy enough with the rye, and drinkable like a great Pale Ale should be. The India Pale Lager was excellent, and shows a new trend towards brewing creativity as another offshoot of IPA. This was not overly hoppy, and very smooth.

A rotating line of beers will keep things diverse and interesting. Visit the new breweries in the area during beer week, and show support for these new businesses, and Sacramento Beer Week.

Address: 8251 Alpine Ave, Sacramento, CA 95826

Phone:(916) 760-8306