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New glasses will alert you when you are tired

First, Google Glass pushed you past glasses that have always been the go-to for enhanced vision to see the world around you. Now, you can have a smartphone linked glasses to track your physical levels of strain or fatigue, according to Jin Meme glasses from Japan, as it was introduced on NBC News today along with a demonstration video.

Mobile World Congress 2014 - Day 2
Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

The benefits can be significant to alert you to dangerous situations or that you need assistance in navigating as you view from right to left while driving or jogging. You may be not alert to drive with safety to attention of detail.

At first, it appears that you may have a seemingly ordinary pair of glasses but they have a tiny metallic electooculography (EOG) sensor on the bridge of the nose and on the bars that rest upon the ears. It is the voltage what allows differences between the tracking of your cornea and retina that can be translated into data which in turn translates to the guidelines for alertness.

Hitsohi Tanaka, president of Meme, demonstrated the glasses displaying how it can track direction and your duration of time blinked which sends data to a smartphone via a Bluetooth. The smartphone menu provides the translation to view left or right when viewing those directions and gives you any alerts of oncoming vehicles or objects.

“Until now, glasses have only been used to see the outside, but now we can see what’s going on inside the user,” Tanaka told a press conference in Tokyo on Tuesday. He told the media that Meme is the first consumer eyewear of its kind to use EOG.

Due to technology it is extremely lightweight at about 36 grams, and contains a three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope which can also track calories burned when walking. No problems for long-wearing ability.

The temple frames carry discreetly inside a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to eight hours. There is also an attachment with a backup battery that doubles the operating time, which makes you good-to-go all day long.

The company plans to release the glasses in spring of 2015. Overseas sales and launch date are not known as yet. There is a significant interest after the announcement on Tuesday which translates to a world-wide opportunity for this product and distributors. It is easily provided with your prescription glasses as the smartphone-linked technology is in the frame.

With a huge opportunity in EOG technology it plans to offer an SDK for app developers. Along with that SDK there will be an associated app for Windows, iOS and Android which could determine if office workers or commercial drivers were sleepy or more tired. Test and sound alerts would provide that update alert.

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