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'New Girl' season 4 spoilers: Jessica Biel, Erinn Hayes to cause boy drama

Jess is going to have some boy drama this season, and her competition will be two different women. According to Entertainment Weekly on September 3, news broke that actresses Jessica Biel and Erinn Hayes will be appearing on the upcoming fourth season of "New Girl," about bunch of young adults that live together in Los Angeles. Both women will clash with Jess over different men, now that her relationship with Nick is finished.

Jessica Biel
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co.

Biel, who was first announced as a guest star earlier this summer, will appear in an episode where the the loft gang attends their final wedding of the season. The guys will encourage Jess to find a guy to sleep with at the wedding, and she chooses a guy played by actor Reid Scott. Biel will play a scientist who also has her eye on the same man. Jess and the guy, who is the best man in the wedding, manage to hit it off before Biel swoops in and steals his attention. The first photos of the episode show Biel in a tight, flitted blue dress while Jess looks sad wearing floral dress.

Jess isn't the best at flirting and will try to win the guy back throughout the episode. In the new season, Jess is trying to move on from her breakup with Nick although they still live under the same roof. Executive producer Liz Meriwether revealed that the new season will take the focus away from Jess and Nick's relationship while being more comedic and light hearted like previous seasons. Jess's job as the new vice principal will also be a major plot point this season.

On September 3 TVLine exclusively revealed that actress Erinn Hayes will join the cast as a young woman who clashes with Jess at work. Apparently Hayes will play Ruth, a "slightly ditzy and trashy school nurse" who actually hooks up with Coach despite the school's no fraternization policy among co-workers. She and Coach will have some flirty entanglements that Jess must uncomfortably talk to them about since she must enforce the rules as vice principal.

The episode with Hayes will also mark the first appearance of "Once Upon a Time' actor Julian Morris, who will be the new love interest for Jess. Morris will play a science teacher that Jess has trouble not falling for despite her position as his new boss. Hayes is expected to appear in multiple episodes of season four, although it is unclear how Coach and CeCe's relationship will be affected by this new arrival. "New Girl" returns with a twenty-two episode fourth season on Monday, September 16 at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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