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‘New Girl’ plagiarized? Writers and Fox sued for ‘stealing pilot script’

‘New Girl’ plagiarized? Writers and Fox sued for ‘stealing pilot script’
‘New Girl’ plagiarized? Writers and Fox sued for ‘stealing pilot script’
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Was Fox’s hit comedy, “New Girl,” plagiarized? According to writers Stephanie Counts and Shari Gold it was. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that on Thursday, January 16, a lawsuit was filed in a California federal court suing Fox, “New Girl” creator Elizabeth Meriwether, and others associated with the show.

According to the lawsuit, Counts and Gold claim that “New Girl” is based on their own script for a proposed television series meant to have been titled “Square One.” The plaintiffs are demanding money, credit, and to “New Girl” fans dismay – that the show stop production.

THR says that the alleged writers have been seeking a lawsuit since the show premiered in 2011. Some of the similarities in the complaint are:

  • Both protagonists are awkward, quirky women around the age of 30
  • The plot of both works revolves around the protagonist moving in with three guys
  • The three new guy roommates in each work have identical personality traits
  • The best friend in each work is name ‘CeC’ or has the initials ‘C.C.’

In the lawsuit, Counts adds that the work is based on her “real-life experience when she discovered her husband was having an affair, leading her to move into a three-man bachelor pad.” Counts says that she moved in “with her brother, a Hollywood stuntman, and two of his friends in Culver City. During this time, she took notes, and the roommates are described as the inspiration for ‘Square One.’”

To read more about the lawsuit, visit the source The Hollywood Reporter. Stay tune for other details through our Facebook and Twitter!

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