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New Georgia boating laws go into effect today

New Georgia boating laws go into effect today
New Georgia boating laws go into effect today

Celebrate Independence Day responsibly. Every two-and-a-half hours someone is killed in a boating accident. Your chances of drowning in a boating accident are 1 in 66 with a life jacket on and 1 in 11 without one.

42-percent boater operates have no boating experience at all, 63-percent are very experienced

Georgia boating laws are heading in the right direction to curtail boat fatalities and wreckless driving on the water. Everyone should be required to take a boating safety class as well as boat trailer safety and ramp courtesy. The Fourth of July holiday is known for crowded peak season boating conditions on the Georgia waterways.

Ignoring 100ft dock rule, no wake signs and no ski signs

Just because you own a boat and can drive it on the water doesn’t mean you own the water. Educating new and old boaters alike is the key to safety on the water no matter where you boat. The new law for young boaters, a mandatory boating safety class, will hopefully decrease the number and frequency of boating incidents, but old dogs are not above and beyond boating education and safety.

If you are driving without proof you have taken the required proof of class you face a misdemeanor charge

A citation will be issued to young recreational boaters. This new boating law goes into effect just in time for the busiest time of boating season and should reduce the number of inexperienced drivers on the water. Boaters are asked to remain vigilant and observant in safety zones, wear life jackets and to keep an eye out on the weather.

Law enforcement crews will be patrolling and conducting safety checks

A vessel safety check can be conducted anywhere your boat is.

Display of numbers, registration or documentation, personal floatation devices, visual distress signals for night and daytime, fire extinguishers, ventilation for gas engines in closed compartments built after August 1, 1980, backfire flame control, sound-producing devices for distress, navigation lights, pollution placard, MARPOL trash placard for boats over 40 feet, Marine sanitation devices for any toilet on board, Any boat over 39 feet must have a copy of the Navigation Rules.


Overall condition of the vessel, safe electrical and fuel systems, along with safe galley and heating systems.

Operation Drywater. BUI Boating Under the Influence of alcohol. Spread the word about the dangers of boating under the influence to your family and friends and don’t encourage it.

The public should be more aware of their surroundings, watch the weather, and understand the hazards of boating while under the influence of alcohol. Being out in the sun and the wind all day makes the effects of alcohol more intense and decreasing the operator’s ability to use sound judgment. Have a working radio on board, only use flares in times of distress, and make a float plan with your family in case of emergency.

Make the Fourth of July a happy one and a safe one

The Fourth of July is a holiday that celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

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